Conversations With Myself About You and Other Lovely Things

In 1 day, 23 hours, and 58 minutes (give or take a few) Lovelytheband’s sophomore album, Conversations With Myself About You, drops…but who’s counting? The lovelies are, of course! Dubbed by the band members themselves, lovelies are the band’s steadily multiplying fan base.

Officially hailing from Los Angeles, California, Lovelytheband gained platinum status with their debut album, Finding It Hard to Smile. The band hit the ground running with their first single, “Broken”, topping the number one spot on the Billboard charts, followed closely by their second single, alt-rock anthem “These Are My Friends.”

Two years, later they have released the sixth track off of their highly anticipated, second album “idwgtyp” (which is an acronym for I don’t want to go to your party). “idwgtyp” is an upbeat singsongy tune about relationships and the insecurities we all face in life.

To date, a total of five singles have been released from the upcoming album, (“Loneliness for Love”, “Waste”, “I Should Be Happy”, “Buzz Cut”, and “idwgtyp”), and if they have set the tone for what can be expected on the rest of Conversations With Myself About You, then I’d say there will be millions of happy lovelies indeed!






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