Have you asked the question, “Who am I, and why am I here?” How does this question relate to astrology? The inquiry calls upon astrology for answers and solutions. Astrology responds to your questions every moment of every day. This conversation between you and astrology started the second of your conception and is ongoing. With the symbols of astrology, you have answers to your questions. The sun, moon, and the planets, constellations, houses, and aspects are producing the answers you are seeking. These answers are secrets in plain sight. It is energy translating itself as vibrations or waves.

The astrological waves form the paths we move across on our journey through life and show how we are connecting to everyone and everything in our world. Not only are astrological symbols energy, so are we. Each of us is energy, organizing into matter. Everyone and everything is the energy that arranges itself into substance. As we form ourselves into the material of the visible world, we generate and radiate vibrational frequencies to drive our thoughts as we construct the experiences of our individual and collectively shared reality.

Until we understand how astrology is serving us, we ask the question unwittingly from the moment we start wondering about the meaning of life, whether we begin in our twenties, or ponder the meaning after we retire from the workforce. Just as our birth is at the precise moment we designated, our question comes up at a time we energetically programmed before we came. It is in the DNA of the body to raise the issue at different points in our lives. Innocently, we ask as though we do not have the answer, often disguised as, “What’s the point?” With this question, we transmit vibrational frequencies that carry a sense of defeat and hopelessness. We are telling the Universe we had done everything we know to do, but have that empty feeling that causes us to wonder if we are no longer useful and have nothing to offer. The sense of defeat and hopelessness tells the Universe we believe no one wants what we have to offer. Transmitting these vibrations, we let the Universe know we think it is time to walk off into the sunset, leaving the body behind so it turns into dust. This attitude seems especially true after retiring from an active and productive career.

Among those choosing to walk into the sunset are those who die shortly after retiring, showing they believe they finished their work. Considering the work is already complete shows their misunderstanding. Perhaps we missed the instructions somewhere along the way to where we are now. That we are feeling the pain of not knowing what to do next, we easily give up on everything, including ourselves.  With no sunset, we have much work before us. There is too much going on in the world to even think of being finished. I want you to know this applies to everyone regardless of your age or stage of like. All of us have a stake in resolving the issues of the world. Each of us is capable of constructing experiences in the way we want them to be. I want you to know what you are here to do. I want you to see each moment comes with new opportunities and new instructions for fulfilling your mission. The clue is in every situation and condition that gets your attention.

Anything you react to is a problem; you see it because you have a workable solution for the part you are judging. This problem calls astrology into play. It is all about when you came in and the equipment you brought in with you. You came in on time, whether you came in early, as a preemie, or whether you came days or weeks beyond the date your Mom’s doctor told her to expect you. All the energy was streaming in just the right and perfect direction for you to start your mission on planet Earth. Your journey was calibrated right down to the second for your arrival. Your Ascendant represents your arrival, symbolically. Your Ascendant indicates how and what you came into this world to govern. Understand this clearly: you are the one and only ruler of your world, the one in control of your reality and your life. Every situation and condition comes before you to remind you of your Ascendant. When you don’t know who you are and why you are here, you might feel helpless, believing the world is a hopeless disaster.

Instead of walking into the sunset because you do not know how to change the world, find out about your next mission. It’s all about moving forward. Let me explain the purpose of retirement. That it is not sunset means it is the time to pause, pause long enough to contemplate what you have already done to make this world a better place and map out your plan for your next mission. Regardless of your age, you receive signals of times to pause. For instance, this period of the pandemic is a significant period for pause. Every time you “get sick” is a time for a break. Being downsized or terminated from your employment is time to stop for a while.

When you have to take personal leave because of circumstances, whether for new energy being in your family, whether by birth, adoption, or foster care, or an energy being having left to body to turn into dust, this is a time for pause. Taking a day off from work to move into a new home, or to help a friend or relative move is a time for hiatus. Each event signals you to take a brief time to consider what and where to focus your attention. It is the time to contemplate the infinite possibilities and potentials you brought with you when you came here, wherever here is. It is time to find out what you are going to do with the physical body you constructed to last for up to more than nine hundred years.

With this said, I want you to understand the answers and solutions you are seeking are codes of astrology from which we translate vibrationally to infinite intelligence. You have but to feather out the meanings and resolutions contained in these symbols. Because all signs are vibrational, the answers and solutions to every problem and condition in this world surround you in everything known and everything possible. With astrology as one source of information, you are free to convert the information you receive into knowledge. Understand, information converted to knowledge is power. It is your power to change your world. Because knowledge is power, not applied, it is destructive. In other words, you are allowing the destruction you see.

Getting down to the business of tapping into infinite intelligence to extract information from the astrological symbols, I cultivated the practice of meditating the characters they represent, asking each sign to reveal its meaning to me. When I engage in an internal dialogue with an astrological symbol, I see images in the mind’s eye appearing as actors performing on the stage of my mind. While most information about astrology starts by looking at the individual, I learned to start by looking at individuals in groups, first with the largest group, then the splinter groups. The journey is orderly, across what we call generational groups.

The Pluto symbol represents the most populous group coming in. When I came in, I was riding the Pluto wave moving through the Leo period, which extended from 1939 to 1957, bringing with me the capacities for initiation and innovation. As a carrier of change, I am on a mission to transform the world. With my inborn creativity and strong imaginative drive, is there any wonder that I established Imagination Education? With a formidable and discerning style, I often receive feedback suggesting I am complicated yet thought-provoking. Pleased with myself and knowledgeable, and a life-long learner, I strive for clarity about everything I am doing. My greatest challenge is hesitation and selfishness. I am not surprised that others often accuse me of being selfish, even calling me narcissistic.

I indulge in developing strength in any areas of weakness. Always thinking of new ideas, I experiment, looking for ways to put them into action. I rely on new opportunities for sharing my ideas globally, getting so absorbed in my dreams, making them work.  When I “step over limitations” and social regulations, which is often, I am thoroughly satisfied with doing what I think is best for me to do. More, I frequently come across people who, because of their disinterest in what I am doing, or their lack of understanding are not particularly agreeable. Passionate about my creativity, I am not interested in any norms society attempts to impose on me, including family members and friends. Determined to survive any situation I encounter, I am flexible, adaptable, and accommodating.

I invite you to find information about your generational vibration, the constellation that defines the primary energy you brought with you when you came into this world. This stream is the one across which your Pluto traveled at the time of your birth. Pluto traversed Virgo from 1958 to 1972, through Libra from 1971 to 1984, Scorpio from 1983 to 1995, and in Sagittarius from 1995 through 2008. The oldest energy beings in the Pluto-Capricorn generation are twelve years old (as of 2020), having come into this world in 2008. This generation extends to late January 2024. This Capricorn generation brings the patience and persistence for reconstructing the world of chaos into the order we are dreaming.

Please understand, we incorporate ourselves into the energy of each generation as it comes on board. As we are receiving and assimilating the vibrational frequencies along the way, we are all adapting, that is, if we are paying attention. To move forward, we must adjust to the idea of being vibrationally linked. Further, we must reject the societal definition of generational gaps. There are no generational gaps. Instead, by necessity, we understand we are energy beings, here to fulfill our missions, individually and collectively.

In the next blog on the empowerment through astrology, we are discussing the Pluto generations in-depth, from Virgo to Capricorn. Then, we will discuss the splinter groups, starting with the vibrational periods of Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and the Sun and Moon. Traveling through each of these splinter groups, we are refining who we are energetically and clarifying the fine details of our missions. We are refining the gifts we bring with us.

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Neeta Blair, PhD View All →

A lifelong learner with a multidisciplinary doctoral degree in Family Systems, I leveraged the disciplines of Family Therapy, Adult Development, and Adult Learning to enrich a social work career I entered with the earned bachelors in Psychology. I am a student of life. Having designed the curricula for self-directed learning, I attained a strong knowledge base in chemical dependency counselor training and theology. From the year 2014, I am increasingly passionate about quantum communication, epigenetics, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and mysticism. I am subsequently developing eclectic proficiency in the new sciences.
Knowing the human transformational process evolves, I realize my advancement includes developing expertise in brain-based learning and teaching. This quality impacts my plain- language writing skills for translating complex concepts into generic terms. After learning that a fifteenth-century thinker set the division between science and philosophy, resulting in the dismissal of the human consciousness, its purpose, and use from the sciences, I began to identify myself as the philosopher and scientist of my life and my world.
I learned about the impact of “thought” on health, relationships, and finances. I started testing my faculties to see if I could discern the differences. Like magic, I got astounding and exciting results. Because of my findings, I wanted to share the knowledge of this capacity with everyone. My reach, because of the internet, is global. Learners using the Imagination Education platform have proved to themselves their ever-expanding brilliance.
My drive is to take the teachings of mysticism out of the occult. For this reason, I focus on everything-consciousness, specializing in the structure and function of the mind. Through my scientific approaches, I find again and again that we can transcend our limitations and fears to restore our natural sense of empowerment. This practice means taking back the power that we always had, but forgot.
Upon learning the impact of thought on health and relationships, I started testing specific scientific concepts, applying a wide variety of procedures. I integrate the four properties of consciousness, thought and belief, and imagination and feeling, to make the changes I want to see in my body, relationships, finances, and the world.
Most significantly, in my experimentation, I found the thought of fear is unnecessary. I found the need to seek the approval of others is no longer the way to attain our desires. That no one can take anything from us or deprive us of anything resulted in a profound awakening. How is this such a marvelous thing? Each of us has within us the most powerful tool that exists, the wonderful human imagination. Using the human imagination as a tool, we can change anything. We make everything that exists in the world around us with this instrument.
We are imagination and consciousness!
I write in conversational style to explain how we are connected to one another in an infinite field of consciousness, emphasizing how to maintain brain-body coherence. Upon learning the impact of thought on health and relationships, I started testing specific scientific concepts through which we could as individuals expand human consciousness. The idea is to transcend our limitations and fears in order to restore our natural sense of empowerment – take back our power. My results show we no longer have to let others dominate or enslave us, or deprive us of anything. We have the power of thought and belief, imagination and feeling to change anything. We usually dismiss these four qualities of empowerment because we are most often captivated by the visible world around us. I am in my writing emphasizing the power of living simultaneously in the two worlds consciously, with the understanding that it is through the inner, invisible world that we form our outer, visible world. Everything starts in Imagination.

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