The Storm Within the Storm and Here Comes Politics

With over 160,000 deaths and rising from Covid-19 , the United States is being battered by natural disasters and dealing with uprisings by the people.

Northern California has wildfires. There were evacuation orders for 35,000 people in Sonoma and Napa. Hurricane Laura, a Category 4 storm, has battered Texas and Louisiana. Over half a million people were ordered to evacuate. Millions of people have no electricity .

Another black man has been the victim of police brutality. In Wisconsin. Jacob Blake lies handcuffed in his hospital bed after being shot in the back seven times by a police officer. This has resulted in more protests .

The economic impact of Covid-19, wildfires, hurricanes, and protests against police brutality will take years if not decades to recover from. On top of this, the Senate and House of Representatives did not pass an economic stimulus package that would have aided millions of Americans who are facing joblesssness and homelessness.

With all of this pandemonium, we are in the midst of a Presidential election. Can either of the poliitical parties deliver on their promises ?

Under the Democratic party, there were gains made in the economy. Any economic gains that the Republican party has made have been extinquished by Covid 19 and the quarantine.

The Democrats gave us healthcare that was universal. It was mandatory and violated the Constitution. It was also so expensive that most people could not afford it. The Republican party made healthcare affordable.

The Democratic party supported the plight of the LBTGQ commmunity. The Republican party fought to undo any gains that had been made. The Democratic party wanted a clean and green economy. The Republican party wanted to use the natural resources of steel and coal; they did not believe in or care about the carbon footprint or greenhouse emissions.

The Democrats wanted globalization and sent American jobs overseas. The Republicans wanted jobs to remain in America.

Both parties have failed in similar areas. Neither party has dealt with economic needs of the American people during the Covid-19 pandemic. Neither has recognized that their base which is the middle class is rapidly dwindling. More people are becoming have-nots rather than haves.

Neither party is dealing with the increasing incidents of police brutality that are becoming more common. Neither is dealing with the issues of the black community and their fears of police violence.

These shortcomings are the true issues that must be discussed in the campaigns and dealt with by politcal leaders. These issues , which are at the heart of this nation and ripping apart it’s’ soul, are the politics that can quiet the storm.

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