Shut up, God!

A dog returning to its vomit!
A girl vomiting

Shut up, God! Is the word we say without even realizing that we say it.

Shut up, God! Let me have my way. How often have you made a resolution and you find yourself going back on that resolution? At that moment in time, you are saying, shut up, God! I want to have my way.

Have you ever seen a dog, who gets sick of what it has eaten? As long as the food remains in the dog’s stomach, the sickness will prevail over the dog. The only reasonable option would be to cast the food out.

But the dog would not want to let go of the food. It does not want to cast out the food, and it does not want to remain sick! Reluctantly, it eventually cast out the food, because the food made it sick.

As soon as the dog is relieved of the sickness, and its stomach troubles it no more, the dog returns to its vomit. All the while, the dog’s desire is not alienated from its vomit, it turns itself around and licks up all the vomit. As the saying goes, a dog returns to its vomit.

As the dog is going back to its vomit, it is saying: Damn the sickness, I’m taking up my food again.

Most people do not want to leave the sinful lifestyle, sin can be very palatable and irresistible. But, when the word of God awakens the conscience of a sinner, he wants to cast away his sinful lifestyle. He wants to rid himself of sin that troubles his conscience. He resolves to be born-again.

But as soon as the power of guilty wears off and the word of God that provokes him to the consciousness of his sinful lifestyle ceases, he returns to his sinful lifestyle. He goes back saying, shut up, God! I prefer it the old way.

Have you ever seen yourself going back or struggling with sin? You are not alone in this. Sin has its enticement. It keeps luring people back to its snare. Sin is a death trap, it has its alluring baits.

Are you about to say, shut up God? God has designated you for success. You need to be successful over sin and its enticements. You can be successful over your sinful nature by renewing of your mind.
You can renew your mind by meditating on the word of God, and in-filling of the Holy Spirit.

The dog keeps going back to its vomit because its mind is all the while on the food.
The same way, you keep going back to sin because your mind keeps going back and romancing with your sinful nature.

You can say: Shut up, world! I’m staying no longer with you.

You have to make up your mind to see Jesus Christ someday, by saying, shut up, sin! I’m staying no longer with you.

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