The WAP challenge is favoring pedophilia

The tiktok WAP challenge was first started by Brian Esperon at the beginning of August 2020 and it has been taking over the internet lately. We can’t help but notice it popping up on our feed almost every time we refresh it. The challenge was spawned by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s track WAP and it’s been dominating the internet ever since with almost 196 million views within a month.The WAP challenge is a fun and raunchy song which is very ahead of it’s time, it normalizes women talking openly about wanting pleasure and promotes sexual confidence. It’s the kind of song that gives you an inexplicable desire to twerk to , an instant mood lifter. Let’s be upfront about it, we all know that the song is about sex and some of the moves of the choreography is heavily sexual. A song about sex or a sexual choreography isn’t much of a dicey deal but what’s vexed is the fact that minors are taking up the challenge and posting their version of the WAP challenge on various social media platform.

It’s no new news that pedophiles are everywhere and internet in one of their favorite place to cowp their perverted and predator psychology. The WAP challenge has indirectly been favoring pedophilia by normalizing children who’re posting their version of the heavily sexualized content. This needs to be stopped and controlled because children are extremely vulnerable to sexual predators like pedophiles. Children can be easily coerced into illegal sexual activity through direct communication on the internet. The pedophile approaches the child on the internet, meet, develop relationships with, and seduce or force an underage child to have illegal sexual act with the pedophile. Online predators footsteps and patterns of making a move towards it’s victim is highly emblematic and can be denounced if we keep an eye on these apparent issues happening around us.

The world is a scary place and children needs to be protected until they’re taught to survive and stay safe when they’re exposed to their surroundings. But we can’t cage them as a veneer to protecting them, predators need to be put away in that case.

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