’90s Nostalgia Lives On in Kimberly Dawn’s New single

Exhilarating. Natural. Ethereal. She says there’s nothing like it: grabbing her guitar and getting lost in her music. Her fans say she’s the ideal fusion of country and glam. Kimberly Dawn’s sweet country charm, paired with her chic yet edgy style gives her a duality that is a breath of fresh air in her genre.

Kimberly Dawn is a country singer/songwriter known for her original lyrics, charming voice and advocacy for women empowerment, authenticity and self-love. Dawn says her values are paramount when putting pen to paper in her lyric writing. Forming a deep connection to Nashville, the country music capital has become her sanctuary for producing creative content. In her free time, she uses her platform to spread messages of hope and humanity through her weekly blog.

“All throughout growing up, raising a family, and finding myself, music got me past the most difficult times,” confided Dawn. “If my song gives someone else strength to get through the day, then I’ve done what I set out to do.”

The Canadian-born artist has captured country lovers’ attention through her original songs “Cadillac Lovers,” “Nashville,” and “Slow Dancin’ in the Dark,” — the last of which was nominated for Best Country Song at the 2019 Hollywood Media Awards. She earned her stripes in 2015 when she had the opportunity to open for the legendary ’90s group and “Hold on” trio, Wilson Phillips, along with performances at the Los Angeles’ House of Blues and celebrity red-carpet charity events. She has also made appearances on various podcasts such as Stript Down with Ali Levine and All About You.

Fans are eagerly awaiting her up-and-coming song “’93”,  which Dawn wrote as a result of her nostalgia for days gone by. In the track, listeners join the Nashville-based musician on a journey through time, celebrating the hidden magic and humble joys of what was, in many ways, a less complicated decade.

Produced by Jeff Cohen and Zach Abend, “‘93” takes you for a stroll down memory lane and offers the precious gift of losing yourself in a daydream. Partnering with Nashville-based songwriters Megan Barker and Greg Friia, Dawn enchants listeners with an opportunity to escape the whirlwind of modern-day life — even if just for three minutes and 30 seconds.

“I grew up listening to ‘90s country, and to this day, I love it,” Dawn speaks to the inspiration of the song. “With “‘93,” I wanted to write about simpler times – a happy, upbeat melody that captures the same feelings, hopes, and dreams of ‘way back when’.”

The resonant lyrics of “’93” harken back to the days of phone books and TV Guides. To a time when a TV show was only available at the time of viewing and there were only two options for hearing your favorite song: at a live show or on a boom box. When Friday nights were spent at the local hang-out or at a friend’s barn enjoying human interaction. It tells the story of a time before we were consumed by technology and lived more in the moment. Her song will give you a ’90s rush and make you smile as you too think of a simpler time.

Click Here to order ’93!

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