R.O.E. Drops New Song Shine | INTERVIEW

Produced by Slot-A (Jamila Woods) “Shine” is a self-assured and undeniably honest piece of expressive, jazz-influenced hip-hop. Blending his rich soundscapes with self-aware songwriting, R.O.E.’s music tackles the everyday eventualities that he faces, offering a stirring perspective on the world around him.

With his slick, sincere flow delivering a stirring account of self-belief, positivity and accomplishment, “‘Shine’ is a song about being a beacon of light in a dark world,” R.O.E. explains. “I hope it serves as a reminder of the light that exists in all of us, we can too share our radiance with each other.”

Following the success of his tracks “Can’t Stop” and “Maybe Love” earlier this year, R.O.E. has made a name for himself in the alternative hip-hop world. Blending his rich soundscapes with self-aware songwriting, R.O.E.’s music tackles the everyday eventualities that he faces, offering a stirring perspective on the world around him.

On something bigger, something better, R.O.E. creates a stirring and meaningful portrayal of life while pushing naysayers aside, and Rising Over Envy.

We caught up with him last week to chat about how the pandemic has affected his creativity and more. Read the full interview below.

1. What’s the difference in the music scene in Chitown vs NYC?

To me, there are not many differences in the music scenes. No matter which one you’re in, you still have to bring the same level of focus, hard work, and determination to survive in either scene. There are incredible musicians in both cities. You have to do all you can to ensure your artistry stands out.

2. How has the pandemic affected your craft? Have been able to perform at all?

The pandemic has affected my ability to perform live shows. Instead, I’ve focused on finishing my upcoming album, working on music videos, and connecting with my supporters in a virtual setting. This has allowed me to see growth as an artist in other avenues of my career. Even in a time of uncertainty, we still have to be able to make lemonade from lemons.

3. Do you think with music curation and listeners having more control over what they want to hear, gives artists like yourself a real chance at a music career?

The change in music consumption has created a lane of opportunity for independent artists to sustain and have a successful career. Artists now have outlets to reach current and potential fans directly without the need for a record label. We’ve never seen anything like this in the music industry. I think it will continue to evolve and create an even greater opportunity for artists to come.

4. What was your favorite tv show from the 90s that inspires you creatively today?

There are quite a few 90s TV shows that inspire me. I think my biggest inspiration is probably Seinfeld. I see a lot of parallels between my life and Jerry Seinfeld’s character. He’s independently navigating the NYC comedy scene with success. Even with that, it still shows the normalcy of his “down to earth” lifestyle outside of his career. 

5. Outside of music, what else are you passionate about?

One of my biggest passions outside of music is cooking. Preparing a meal is so relaxing and therapeutic. I love blending together ingredients to make a cohesive dish. I usually prepare all my meals while listening to jazz. I highly suggest trying it. 

6. How did you come up with the moniker “R.O.E”? 

My friends and family have called me “Roe” my entire life. It’s a nickname to shorten my real name. When I was thinking of my artist name, I wanted something that would represent who I am but also be a mission statement. R.O.E. (Rising Over Envy) is both for me. 

7. If you could leave a quote that would sum up how you want to be remembered what would that quote be?

“I want to be remembered as someone who was sincere. Even if I made mistakes, they were made in sincerity.” – Malcolm X

Connect with him socially

Instagram: https://instagram.com/risingoverenvy

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/risingoverenvy


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