What is the #EndSARS movement and why is it trending?

The Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) is a task force under the Nigerian Police Force tasked with combating cases of robbery in Nigeria but they have been known to constantly abuse the power given to them. This special squad, due to their constant harassment and killing of innocent Nigerians has been banned Four times in previous years by the Nigerian government but this same government always restores the task force.

Of recent years, they have been constantly accused with receipts of killing citizens that they were employed to protect due to silly excuses and also extorting these citizens and they end up murdering or planting illegal drugs on these innocent victims that are unable to provide or refuse to heed to their requests. They harass citizens because of their hair (dreadlocks and dyeing), using expensive gadgets (especially iPhones) and other silly reasons. And Nigerians are tired and have taken to the streets to protest against the task force with the #EndSARS movement. The #EndSARS movement which is the number 1 trend worldwide today on twitter has been apparently ignored by the Nigerian government and Nigerians are complaining and the Nigerian president (President Muhammadu Buhari) who is widely known for his incompetence has turned deaf ears to the cries of his citizens.

Nigerians are taking to the streets to protest peacefully and are being shot at by policemen in different parts of the country despite it being a peaceful protest.

Nigeria is in crisis and needs the help of anyone; you can help them by lending your voice to the movement.

Together we will stand against injustice anywhere in the world.


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