Blooming Night Flower

A viney flower that blooms during early Summer. I look forward to the next Summer season for the wonder of this beautiful flower. During Winter it seems along with a Wisteria that they have died only never to come back. I wait hoping it’s not true, then a sunny morning greets me and I see new green leaves taking shape and I feel the anticipation of the flowers that peek out to the sun. Clematis is a long living flower, once planted and after years it grows and winds it’s way around an arbor or up across a covered porch. It offers shade on hot summer days. It also offers a kind of hidden reprieve from a long day. Sitting of a deck staring at the greenery and flowers offers a solitude away from every day life. Mixing Wisteria and Clematis can be tricky. I’m sure there is a competition for the space and sunlight. However both blooming at the same time is a beauty to look at. I sometimes imagine what this house would look like if they were never trimmed back. I think the house would be over taken like an English Ivy with vines growing up the side of the house. Then I would be hidden imagining a tree house. Even though it is the Fall season, I look forward to the early Summer months and once again the dependable blooms.

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