Looking at the sky

What will the new year of 2021 hold. Will it be an interesting year? Will we have a vaccine for Covid-19? Will I take it? these are questions I ask myself. I think back to previous Springtime when I would lay on a blanket under a flowering tree and gaze at the sky. Clouds would float by and I wouldn’t think of anything. I would listen instead. Nearby birds chirp and I’d try to identify what bird was what if I couldn’t see them. This was how I spent much alone time. I wish for everybody to be so lucky as to have a special place in nature whether just going for a walk or hanging out in your back yard, just a place to get away for a few alone moments. I hope for all of us a happy 2021 with many more Spring days to enjoy. Looking at the sky through blooming buds and not a care in the world at least for a few minutes out of the day.

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