“The Lord has set in our hearts what we are to become in our life, Jeremiah 1:5 KJVBefore I formed thee in the belly a I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified b thee, and I ordained c thee a prophet unto the nations: that was the lord speaking to Jeremiah telling him about his destiny”
I have heard this preaching a ton of times in the two decades I’ve spent on planet earth, but I still battle with what my destiny is, Is it a an unnatural element deposited in me before birth or a road I must find after birth that is tailored for me. If it’s the latter, then how do I discover what that deposit is, how do I access what I know nothing about. If it’s the former, how do I find out the path, and what would keep me on it.
To be honest, I’m probably this lost because I haven’t heard from God, maybe I have but I use my intuition and instincts more. It has also saved me from a lot of stress (Insert laughing memes). Maybe that’s my key out of this dilemma. To hear from Him.
But back to what my destiny is, does it have to be one of extreme financial gain, I get that you’d be comfortable financially, but does achieving your destiny translate into being a millionaire or has our worldly scale made us weigh it like that? I have always believed that everyone has a role to play in the world, And most of it Is not linked to money but helping the human race survive.
We easily attribute success to the size of our bank account. But I believe it’s more than that. For instance, in entrepreneurship the primary key is to solve a problem, then get rewarded for solving it. With this in mind a teacher who earns between 50k and 70k might not have the most comfortable financial status in this funny economy, but if that teacher leaves a positive impact on any student he/she comes across throughout his/her career. I would say that the teacher’s destiny has been achieved; what about you ?
I had a conversation with a friend and he said that if you feel a sense of peace while following a certain path, a sense of calmness while facing obstacles along the path you’ve chosen to thread on, you’re most likely than not to be on the path of attaining your destiny. And we can see it happen to Paul in the Bible, he seemed to be at peace with the new path he had been put on by the encounter with Jesus, he went ahead to achieve more than any of the other apostles ever did (as recorded).If we look back at what I said earlier, he was comfortable as a lawyer financially, have in mind he wasn’t poor, but as a preacher of the faith he did more for the faith than his pocket, it wasn’t the goal, his zeal for Christ was the goal.
So I’ll love to drop the pen here. While writing this piece, I went from lack of knowledge to accumulating a sensible account of knowledge in the concept, while I’m on the path to finding my purpose and destiny, I hope this offers some clarity to you and I.

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