The Wonder Called Stevie

The living legend recently said “I feel like I’m about forty right now” after a successful kidney transplant. Last year rumors surfaced stating that Stevie’s health was on the decline, he addressed this during a press conference held on Tuesday. “For all of the people that have been listening to these rumors – listen, if I’m feeling some kind of way, I’ll let you know. We don’t want to have misinformation, I am alive and well and looking forward to having a car that drives, so I can drive myself.” As you can see he’s feeling well enough to joke but when on the topic of his new song “Can’t Put it in the Hands of Fate”, all jokes went out the window.

Mr. Wonder says this song was a response to “systemic racism… every young person is saying this stuff here is unacceptable. We can’t be a united people of the world and have this craziness… change is right now – we can’t put it in the hands of fate.” This song along with “Where is Our Love Song” are his first new songs in fifteen years.

Also Stevie recently left Motown, the label he’d been with for sixty years to start his own label. With this move you can bet there’s more to come.

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