NBA Youngboy Says He Wants To Get Reginae Carter Pregnant. Is he ready to deal with Lil Wayne ?

It doesn’t matter that Yaya Mayweather, who is rumored to be pregnant with his child, just bought Youngboy Never Broke Again an expensive and sentimental birthday gift… he’s still interested in other women.

The 21-year-old rapper celebrated his birthday this week, releasing a new song to ring in a new year of life. The remix of “The Story Of O.J.” is worth a listen as he speaks on “new age slavery”, his reputation in the media, and more. In the midst of it all, he seemingly also expressed his interest in adding Reginae Carter to his clan of baby mamas, arguing how dope it would be if they had a baby together.

Though she has been rumored to have recently ran back to YFN Luchi. But even with this going on he still dropped her name in a song. Are we going to get a reaction from YFN Luchi ? Or are we going to see Reginae Carter say something? She has also been stating that she wont date another rapper. So lets see what happens with this one?

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