Puppy Love

It’s more than love especially in this time of uncertainty

I’ve come to depend on my pets more than I realize. With more time on my hands I’ve paid more attention to my bests friends. I notice more what they love doing during the day. It’s not just take the dog for a walk. It’s chose a toy and let’s play and she runs to the toy box and decides on which toy she wants to play with. I have had more than a little shadow these past months, she is number one at alerting the household to any noise both inside and out. I have found she gets bored like I do and on rainy days she likes to sit in a chair to look out the window. Being small the other day I forgot I had left her in the chair. I went about my laundry, she can’t jump down from the chair and about an hour later when I realized I didn’t have my little shadow following me , there she was looking at me from the window. I felt like a terrible person. She looked so relieved when i went and got her. I have to stop my distractions I suppose. I’m lucky she forgave me.

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