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According to numerous sources such as pressherald and goodhousekeeping.org, it is recommended to skip trick-or-treating this Halloween. “Traditional Halloween activities are fun, but some can increase the risk of getting or spreading COVID-19. Therefore, Halloween as we know it, should look a little different this year.” says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Most Americans have accepted the absence of trick-or-treating this year, but a Christian/Catholic organization called the Knights of Columbus has other ideas and, frankly, they are quite psychotic.

The Knights of Columbus is a religious organization founded in 1882 by Michael J. McGivney. Since its foundation, the organization is known for performing the good works of Jesus. This includes volunteering at food pantries, fundraising, and donating money. So how will the Knights of Columbus “perform the good works of Jesus” this Halloween?

In theology class, you may have heard about a concept called “child lures.” Child lures is a program that alerts students to the dangers of sexual abuse, bullying, and above all, kidnaping. One example of child lures is when the perpetrator pulls their car over to a kid in the streets and says “I will give you this lollipop if you come over here.” Immediately, those words are strange and uneasy as is. However, children are very manipulative, so they will more often than not approach the perpetrator. When the child is in grabbing distance, the perpetrator kidnaps the child and takes them away. Child lures tries to prevent these events from occurring to create a comfortable and safe society.

The Knights of Columbus, however, has a plan to save Halloween and that plan mimics child lures. They are going to drive around the neighborhood and look around for younger children. When they see a child, they are going to pull up to them, candy in hand, and say “I know Halloween is different this year, but can we interest you in some Halloween candy?” The members of the Knights of Columbus says they hope to keep the spirit of Halloween alive this year, but is this really Halloween or is it child lures all over again?

Certainly, the organization doesn’t plan on kidnapping children, but the action of having the child approach the vehicle for Halloween candy just feels a bit too uncomfortable, especially for a religious organization. It just shows how passionate and desperate people feel about keeping the holiday alive.

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  1. Regardless who it is parents should educate their children of the dangers in the world. Religious or not there’s dangerous tactics when a stranger offer anything for a child to approach them. Parents keep your children safe and take time to educate them.

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