King Von and Nba YoungBoy may have a cold war brewing

King Von is not somebody who is known to hold his tongue no matter what he is speaking on; Chicago’s silent assassin has no respect once he deems you as an opp. You can see by the way he speaks on late Chicago rappers Tooka, FBG Duck, and many others. Now King Von has a new beef brewing with Baton Rouge star NBA YoungBoy.

King Von and Youngboy beef has been growing since 2019 when Von went on Instagram live and said, “Nba Youngboy is capping about everything he raps about and isn’t like that.” Now, this led to many YoungBoy fans spamming King Von’s comments telling him he better apologize or something going to happen to him in 48 hours. King Von made a statement saying him and Youngboy would only beef if he lived on 63rd. Now, I guess that was him saying there is no beef but, who knows. Things started heating up with pictures leaking of King Von and NBA YoungBoy baby mama Jania holding hands, that had fans speculating that he smashed. Jania quickly shut down the rumors saying it was for a song they have coming out. This didn’t stop people from adding fuel to the fire mainly, Chicago rapper 600 Brezzy putting his two cents into that caused Nba YoungBoy to respond.

Now King Von and Nba YoungBoy have yet to speak directly to each other over social media, which is expected as they are both being investigated; by police. Many fans speculated their beef but, King Von speaks on it in his new track, “Mine Too,” where he raps, ” I got some beef up in NOLA/ Niggas ain’t even know it/ I hear you rapping that gangsta shit, but now you gotta show me. Now, this can be Von’s way of saying there is no beef or, it can be his way of saying, if there is beef, then apply pressure. YoungBoy has yet to respond but, I’m pretty sure once his fans bring this to his attention, he will have something to say.

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