National Nonprofit Voter Registration, Turnout & Voter Protection Organization Continues The Conversation With Rev. Dr. Frederick Haynes of Friendship-West Baptist Church; Everett Ward, National President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and more.

On Tuesday, October 20th at 6:00 pm EST, Vote America’s Your Ballot, Your Voice: Black Men Do Vote will bring together leading individuals and organizations working to debunk the myth that Black men don’t vote. The online conversation takes place here

VoteAmerica gives people the tools they need to vote and has provided a platform for conversation around issues that affect voter turnout across the country. Your Ballot, Your Voice: Black Men Do Vote will be a conversation around issues that impact turnout, particularly among Black men. It is part of a series of Your Ballot, Your Voice events launched by VoteAmerica on the first-ever National Black Voter Day in September as an impact partner of BET and in order to amplify the voices of voters whose voices should be heard and whose votes can decide the election. 

Your Ballot, Your Voice: Black Men Do Vote brings together Rev. Dr. Frederick Haynes of Friendship-West Baptist Church; Everett Ward, National President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.; Cliff Albright, co-founder of Black Voters Matter; Jeremiah Chapman, founder of Black Culture Weekly; Mondale Robinson, Founder of the Black Voter Project; Frank D. Jackson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for State Relations, Texas A&M University System and Traleon Rodgers, Student Government Association President at Dillard University. 

VoteAmerica’s goal with the speaker series is to convene thought leaders alongside those doing the work in the community. The conversations are not always pretty, but they are necessary and always insightful!

  • The difference between good and great black turnout is often a question of black men. While black men share some of the same concerns as black women, we know that black people are not a monolith. This conversation is to show black women and black men’s motivations are different and thus, they require different outreach approaches.
  • Voter disenfranchisement, suppression, and gerrymandering are significant factors affecting Black, Hispanic, and Asian voter turnout.

“VoteAmerica wants to help people vote and be a vehicle for conversation around issues that affect voting turnout across the country. In September 2020, we created the Your Ballot, Your Voice Speaker Series to give a voice to those who are sometimes voiceless,” said Aisha McClendon, National Outreach Director for VoteAmerica.

VoteAmerica is a national get-out-the-vote nonprofit organization with a focus on voter registration, voter turnout, and voter protection. They’re running one of the largest voter turnout efforts in the country and by the end of October, will have reached 100,000,000 Americans through their SMS text turnout program. 

VoteAmerica is also working to expand the electorate and is focused on reaching and turning out members of the Rising American Electorate of young people, Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), and unmarried women under the age of 50. These are a critical group of high potential voters that are often overlooked by political parties but whose voices matter. VoteAmerica helps voters check their registration, register to vote, request mail-in ballots, and has the best and most comprehensive locator tool (where to vote) to help voters find early voting locations, official drop off locations for their mail-in ballots, and Election Day polling locations.

Media Contacts:  

Craig Sinel & Jeremy Long   

fortyseven communications

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