GPS Leads Delivery Driver Onto Golf Course

Woman drunkenly drives onto golf course, gets stuck in bunker | Local News  |

Some delivery drivers are the most persistent people on earth. They have to deal with traffic, people blasting music, and aggressive drivers on the daily. Other delivery drivers, however, are completely ignorant and completely desperate on their GPS system to guide them to their destination. Such was the case with this Amazon delivery driver who had quite the unique experience delivering packages.

Just yesterday, this anonymous Amazon delivery driver from Oxford, Michigan was delivering heavy duty supplies so the driver took his van and set out for delivery. A few moments later, however, an awkward sighting could be seen from the Boulder Point Golf Club; the delivery driver had drove his way onto the golf course! Reporter and Boulder Point Golf Course supervisor Bill Offer from MLive had provided coverage of the incident.

Upon further inspection, it was reported that the van got stuck when it was wedged under a tunnel that was part of the scenery of the golf course. Offer reports that the van was wedged in the tunnel a good six feet inside. Photos show that the top of the van was at least a foot too tall to fit inside the tunnel. Nonetheless, the Oakland County Sheriff Department was called as well as a tow truck to free the vehicle from the entangled mess. As for the packages, a second van was sent to transfer everything between the vehicles. The entire process took about an hour and a half.

When Offer asked the driver what happened, his excuse was “My GPS led me here.” “You couldn’t have been, you’re on a cart path,” Offer replied. While the driver was apologetic, (and quite embarrassed) this story shows how unreliable technology can truly be and how desperate people have become on technology. Even Offer himself says, “You don’t expect somebody to mistake a golf cart path, let alone get a delivery truck stuck in it.”

While the warm weather was strange enough, especially for November, Offer admits that he has never seen anything like this before. In the end, at least we know where our golf clubs went…or maybe the truck had a delivery of golf clubs for us! Either way, somebody was fired that day.

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