Next Time Parents Complain About Raw Sushi, Tell Them This

Homemade Sushi Recipe - How to Make Sushi at Home

Calling all sushi lovers; this Japanese cuisine has been a favorite dish all around the world, especially in America. The fresh ingredients all rolled up and slathered with a spicy sauce creates a mouth watering and pleasurable experience when you take your first bite into that sushi roll. However, how do parents and other older people react to the idea of sushi being served in various restaurants?

Some may agree that the smooth texture and taste of sushi is absolutely scrumptious and have no issue with the existence of this dish. Other adults, however, disapprove of sushi being served in restaurants. Here is their excuse: “It is raw fish.” After all, the consumption of raw fish can lead to salmonella poisoning and norovirus due to the uncooked nature. However, there are far more benefits to eating sushi that are never discussed and these benefits severely outweigh the deficits. So, the next time your elders talk you against ordering sushi, here’s what to tell them:

Sushi Improves Heart Health: According to Dr. April Roka, sushi is full of concentrated omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are a rare substance that are not found in many other dishes. However, as uncommon as it is, it is very beneficial to your health as it “helps to prevent clogged arteries as well as help to lower blood pressure.” Omega 3 may be a type of cholesterol, but it is one that boosts metabolism and improves heart health by improving blood flow to the veins and artieries.

Sushi Helps Regulate Hormones: The seaweed that sushi rolls are wrapped in have certain health benefits in and of themselves. Seaweed, for example, contains iodine which is an essential ingredient to our thyroid glands. According to the NCBI, “iodine is an element that is needed for the production of thyroid hormones. The body does not make iodine so it is an essential part of your diet.” Hormone regulation is important because, without it, the body cannot respond to changes in our environment and thus can increase chances of nausea or sickness. Seaweed is predominantly iodine, so the next time you ask for sushi, make sure there is extra seaweed inside it.

Sushi Improves Circulation: Both fish and soy sauce are high in iron-another element which is necessary for blood flow. According to Roka, iron “boosts your red blood cells specifically by boosting the production of them. The more red blood cells you have, the better your circulation, metabolism, and skin tone is.” Therefore, sushi not only improves blood circulation, but it is also boosts our immune systems as a higher metabolism can kill off unwanted bacteria.

Sushi Improves Rate of Muscle Repair: In addition to iron and iodine, sushi also contains protein which helps improve our muscles and our bone tissue. The combination of protein and red blood cells throughout the body encourage a higher rate of muscle repair, which is essential to fighting off bacteria, regenerating cells, and improving our overall mood. Other benefits of protein described by include “hair growth, reducing food cravings, boosting metabolism, and lowering blood pressure.” For these examples, very sourced recommend consuming sushi at least twice per week.

Sushi Is Low in Calories: According to Nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky, one order of sushi at a restaurant is about 500 calories maximum. This is a massive improvement from other meals such as steak and potatoes, which can add up to thousands of calories. This is because sushi contains fresh ingredients such as fish and vegetables. What’s more is that the protein inside sushi is quite filling and will reduce cravings throughout the day. Therefore, sushi can improve weight loss due to its low calorie intake and the minerials contained inside.

The Likelihood of Salmonella Poisoning is Very Low: As stated earlier, the consumption of sushi boosts our immune system through the production of iodine and iron. In addition, most sushi dishes come with wasabi sauce which alone kills bacteria and salmonella due to its abundance of Vitamin A, Prosperous, and Zinc. While salmonella poisoning is a possibility, the probability of it occuring is practically inexistent. In fact, in an experiment where thousands of adults sampled sushi, none of them were affected by salmonella poisoning. Take that, sushi haters!

The Aesthetics of Sushi Boost People’s Mood: According to reporter Andre Gilbo, the appearance of sushi made a date night 30% more romantic. We are unsure why this is the case, but researchers assume that it has something to do with the way sushi looks and feels. Sushi comes in many different forms and all of them look visually appealing due to their unique shape and structure. Also, sushi is known to be very expensive so having sushi on the table makes the experience all the more formal and unique.

Sushi may contain the risk of salmonella poisoning, but these benefits of eating sushi completely dominate the deficits, especially since the dangers associated with raw fish are quite slim. Therefore, don’t listen to those who say sushi is “bad for you.” Be proud of being a sushi lover and embrace your affection. Make every bite of sushi count.

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