Lil Uzi carries A washed Future on joint project

Lil Uzi and Future have finally dropped their highly anticipated joint album Pluto x Baby Pluto. After listening to the album, I quickly realize this album would have been a banger two years ago. Now, this doesn’t mean the project doesn’t slap, but with the climate, this project may not have the lasting effect it would have received two years ago.

I know you are asking why I keep saying two years ago, it’s because that was the last time Future made decent music. Back in 2018, Future released two projects, BeastMode 2 and his joint project with the late rapper Juice Wrld called Wrld on Drugs. Back even then, Future was on a decline, but it wasn’t as noticeable as he was coming off of his album HNDRXX. Lil Uzi was also coming off a high as he released his highly anticipated album Luv is Rage 2. But he soon came crashing down to earth as he started having internal problems with his label and Dj Drama, which led to him being unable to release any projects up until this year when he released Eternal Atake. Eternal Atake was good, but it didn’t have the replay value many expected it to have, or Lil Baby album just overshadowed it. Basically, both artists underperformed with their last projects. Respectfully.

Then the announcement that their joint project was coming, and everybody was rightfully excited. This project made a couple of things very clear. One thing that was made very clear is that; Future, is washed and, he also is stuck in limbo with his career. Future hasn’t rapped about anything other than his drug abuse and trap lifestyle from 20 years ago for his whole career. There hasn’t been any evolution whats so ever. Now, most of you are thinking, ” He’s a trap artist, can’t be much else for him to talk about.” That is true, I don’t expect Future to change and become a J Cole type of artist or nothing, but at this point in his career, he is kind of cringy. Future is like that one senior from highschool that hangs with the lower classmen because he doesn’t want to grow up. Or that one uncle that always tries to kick game to the younger folks, even though the younger kids are on a completely different level than he was at their age. That’s what happened on this project. Lil Uzi carried Future and showed him how to take his sound and flow up a couple of notches. Lil Uzi made it very clear that he has taken the mantle of ‘Pluto,’ and Future needs to take a back seat.

For the most part, I like this project. It has a couple of bangers that would have the clubs lit if we weren’t going back on lockdown soon. Lil Uzi is still a megastar, while Future is slowly beginning to be known for his social media quotes and meme-worthy pictures. You can stream Pluto x Baby Pluto on all music platforms.

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