Outfits Inspired by BLACKPINK

While 2020 had a variety of highs and lows, one of the brightest aspects was undeniably the unprecedented rise of South Korean girl group BLACKPINK – Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé debuted in August 2016 with “BOOMBAYAH” and “Whistle,” and this year, they released their first full-length project, aptly named The Album, and Light Up the Sky, a documentary they created with Netflix. Bloomberg recently named BLACKPINK the biggest pop band in the world, beating acts like BTS and Girls’ Generation to be the first Korean group to earn the title. 

In addition to their vocals and dance talent, BLACKPINK have become famous for their unique styles that have inspired fans worldwide. Each of the girls is even an ambassador for a major brand: Jennie for Chanel, Jisoo for Dior, Lisa for Celine, and Rosé for Yves Saint Laurent. For those of us who aren’t multi-millionaires, there are plenty of ways to channel the group’s aesthetics for everyday outfits. I created this collection of five fashion moodboards inspired by some of the band’s most iconic music videos, and you can mix and match the different pieces to create your own unique look inspired by BLACKPINK.

“BOOMBAYAH” was one of BLACKPINK’s two debut singles, and some of the most iconic looks from the video were a grunge-inspired take on the schoolgirl style. These outfits were my main inspiration, and I also took inspiration from one of Rosé’s brighter styles in the video to add some variety to the color scheme. I even found a replica of Lisa’s Ziggy Stardust raglan, which you can easily pair with a dark plaid skirt to copy her look.

My main inspiration from “As If It’s Your Last” were BLACKPINK’s colorful, bold outfits in the subway station clip. I took a piece of inspiration from each member, including Jennie’s fun belt, Rosé’s checker skirt, Lisa’s jacket, and the sheer shirt Jisoo wore under a tank top. 

Some of the most memorable scenes of the triumphant “Kill This Love” music video draw inspiration from tactical military clothing, with a sassy twist. One scene features slightly more practical, neutral tones, while the final scene of the video takes a much more “high fashion” approach. 

BLACKPINK’s biggest U.S. hit to date, “Ice Cream,” is a fun, upbeat collaboration with Selena Gomez. The playful music video sees BLACKPINK mostly wearing bright, flower-adorned outfits while they spend a summer day riding bikes and going down a waterslide.

BLACKPINK’s recent hit “Lovesick Girls” is the “title track,” or main promotional single, of The Album. In the video, the girls lament a relationship’s breakdown before admitting they were “born to be alone” and, literally, driving off into the sunset. Most of the outfits in the video are influenced by grunge fashion, and I mostly drew inspiration from Lisa and Jisoo’s looks.

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