Here’s Why This Thanksgiving Day Parade Will, In Fact, Feel Perfectly Normal

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will be very different this year amid  coronavirus pandemic - ABC7 New York

Ever since 1924, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been an annual tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving as well as ushering in the holiday season. The balloons, performances, and overall ambience give viewers a warm feeling of being a kid again. However, according to many newspaper articles and even Macy’s themselves, the parade will look and feel quite different this year. For example, the performers will be limited and there will be no crowds cheering the parade forward. However, how much of a change will this really have on the viewers?

First of all, let’s “talk turkey” here: who actually sits at home and watches the parade in its entirety? Most people watch the parade for about 20 minutes and then go into the kitchen to finish dinner. Sure, the parade may be playing in the background, but are you really paying attention to it? The answer is no. This alone means you can still “enjoy” the parade as you do every other year. However, for those families who do watch the full three hours of the parade with their family, don’t worry becuase your Thanksgiving is not ruined either.

This is because many people await for specific performers and events in the parade in order for the event to truly be a “Thanksgiving Tradition”. The most popular performers at the parade, according to various polls, are the Radio City Rockettes, the balloons, the 610 Stompers, the Tom Turkey float, and, of course, Santa Claus. Even people who are cooking dinner watch these parts of the parade. According to Macy’s Parade Executive Producer Susan Tercero, these events will all be included in the parade this year. This fact will make even the most avid viewers of the parade feel like Thanksgiving never left.

Other performers at the parade this year will include Dolly Parton, Pentatonix, Leslie Odam Jr, Ally Brooke, Sofia Carson, the cast of Hamilton, the cast of Mean Girls, and many more. The Radio City Rockettes are ready to perform their traditional synchronized kick line, the balloons and floats are all prepared, and Santa Claus is ready to bring in the quarantined holiday season.

So will the parade, in fact, feel different this year? The answer is no. While there may be no crowds and the parade will not utilize its 2 mile parade route, the difference is so minor, it may as well not even be noticeable. Our favorite performers and floats will still be marching, and the event will still be televised in Herald Square. Whether watching the parade with the family or listening to it from the kitchen, enjoy the parade, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to get dressed; you have to see your family over Zoom soon! 😉

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