White Man Kills Black Oklahoma Girl to “Hide the Evidence”

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In Enid in Oklahoma, which has been seen as a red state since the inauguration of former President Barrack Obama, a white man named Shane Dale Perosi has been taken into custody for murdering a 27 year old black woman named Martika Ferguson. According to KIRO7, Perosi was “charged with the murder after he confessed to the crime and stated that he did it in order to ‘teach her a lesson'”.

From what police reports have seemed to deduce, Perosi has been an outlaw for many years, as he was convicted of first degree murder multiple times in his life. When bystander Martika Ferguson threatened to tell authorities of his wrongdoings, Perosi had murdered her on the spot in order to hide any type of evidence of his records. However, it is not confirmed if that is true or not.

While nobody likes a tattle tale, it can be agreed that this behavior was completely uncalled for. SWAT team officials served a no-knock warrant at Persoi’s home where investogators found further evidence related to the murder. Perosi was taken to the Garfield County Detention Facility and charged with first degree murder, possession of firearm after felony conviction, and destruction of evidence of the event.

Americans and social media websites have reacted to this event quite appropriately. BIG CED, founder of TheIndustryCosign.com, has created a strong community Facebook page on this event, which accentuated the importance of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The page already has thousands of followers. Outrage on Twitter has also broke out:

“I hope this taught him a lesson”, wrote one comment

“Another white male doing what they do best. I hope he gets a life sentence”, write another.

“Let’s see if Fox News talks about this”, one comment sarcastically wrote.

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