Amazon’s redesigned Fire TV software starts rolling out today

The software that runs on Amazon’s Fire TV streaming devices is set to undergo a significant overhaul in the coming weeks, and the rollout of the “new Fire TV experience” begins today on some devices. After the update is installed, you’ll have access to new features like multiuser support (with personalized recommendations and watch lists for each profile) and a streamlined interface that makes it faster to reach your favorite entertainment apps.

When you’re in the mood to watch something but you’re not sure what, there’s also a new “Find” tab that brings together movies, TV shows, free ad-supported content, and sports from various services

Amazon has also improved Alexa integration with the new Fire TV dashboard. If you set up a voice profile, Alexa will be able to recognize your voice and automatically switch to the right profile when you ask it to, and you can switch between various sections (live TV, news, etc.) with voice commands.

The new experience also adds support for picture-in-picture and less intrusive on-screen Alexa responses when you ask for things like the weather; it’ll now appear at the bottom of the screen instead of covering the content you’re watching.

Cant wait to finish my work and get this update to see all the new changes

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