New Year’s Resolutions are Pointless

New Year’s resolutions are pointless. Seriously, the best way to make sure nothing ever changes is declaring a New Year’s resolution. I understand why people make them though. A new year means a new start—a clean slate. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves. It’s nice to believe that on January 1st, all the mistakes and time wasted last year is washed away “This year will be different!” we tell ourselves, “this year I’m going to make changes” Right, ok.

I know this is coming off as extremely cynical, but there’s no point waiting to make a change. There is no clean slate. There is no new beginning. All there is are a series of events, good and bad, that occur until we die. That’s not to say we can’t make changes, but wasting time waiting for, “the right moment” to start making a change is only wasting more of our time.

Instead of waiting for January 1st, make a change today, right now. Stop saying, “I’m planning on”, and just do it! The moment someone says, “I’m planning on doing something” that’s pretty much like a death sentence for whatever it is that person is planning on doing. Oh sure, do research on whatever it is you want to do; get everything lined up, but so many people just fixate on the idea of doing something instead of actually doing it.

I’ve been guilty of doing this a lot, and I mean a LOT! I would say, “man, I need to start writing more erotica and get a series going,” or, “I need to live stream me playing more chess and get something started,” but almost always I just lose myself in the fantasy of doing these things and being good at it. There is no point thinking about something when you can actually do it. Sure, it won’t be what you expected at first. In fact, it’ll probably be a lot harder than you thought, but at least you’re doing something. Everything starts out hard until it isn’t… I feel like there’s a sexual joke here, but I’m far too classy to make it.

I’ve started submitting erotic stories; something I’ve always said I wanted to do. It’s a slow process, but the idea of doing it is gone and the actual process of doing it has started. If you wait for the right moment, you’ll just waste all that time that could be used getting over the difficult beginning of that task. Just do something! Stop reading this and fucking do it!

Merry Christmas/Holidays!!

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I earned my M.A in English Lit from Gardner-Webb University in 2019. My writing mainly focuses on disability positivity. I enjoy sci-fi, fantasy and classic rock. Oh, and I’m also a part time phone sex operator. So, that’s a thing.

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