Puerto Rican salsa singer Tito Rojas dies

The veteran Puerto Rican salsa singer Tito Rojas, known for songs such as “El Gallo salsero” and for songs such as “Siempre seré” or “Señora de Madrugada,” died at dawn this Saturday at the age of 65 of a suspected heart attack.

Jessica Rojas, one of the singer’s daughters, confirmed the death to the music radio station Salsoul.

The interpreter’s relatives found him on the ground and without vital signs on the balcony of a residence in the Tejas neighborhood of Humacao, a municipality on the east coast of Puerto Rico.

“This morning, a call to 911 alerted about a medical case in a residence in the Tejas neighborhood of Humacao,” these publications detail.

Rojas offered the last presentation, a virtual one last Thursday, Christmas Eve, through his YouTube page, together with his orchestra.

Tito Rojas

Likewise, Rojas participated in the most recent production of the Puerto Rican salsa singer Gilberto Santa Rosa, “Colegas,” on the song “Por la Calle del Medio.”

“Nobody is eternal in the world, not even having a heart that feels and sighs for life and love so much … rest in peace, understood,” said Puerto Rican reggaeton player Don Omar on his Instagram account.

Julio César Rojas López, the artist’s real name, released his first album -of his more than 25-, «Mima la pululera,» together with Pedro Conga in 1972.

After that experience, he joined the orchestra of Cuban singer Justo Betancourt and the Borincuba group, with whom he recorded “Distinto y Diferente” (1977) and “Presencia! (1978), according to the biography included in the book “Historia de la salsa” by Puerto Rican journalist and sociologist Hiram Guadalupe.

Although he later disassociated himself from it, Betancourt produced his next two albums as a soloist: “Borincuba con Amor: Presenta a Tito Rojas” (1978) and “Borincuba aquí” (1979).

RIP Gallo may you rest in peace

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