Senators Humorously Play With Fidget Spinners During Trial

After days of fidget spinners, GOP senators 'attentive' during team Trump  presentation

According to reporter Elizabeth Koe, the fidget spinner was the highest grossing toy of 2017 with a total revenue of over $2.6 million. The belief that fidget spinners help the brain to concentrate on our work has interested millions of people, “selling over 200 per hour of the catchy toy.” The fad of using fidget spinners has gotten to the point where many schools have declared laws banning the addictive object. However, based on the current trials involving COVID relief, are fidget spinners making a comeback?

The trials commenced after President Donald Trump has refused to sign an economic relief bill to finally put COVID 19 to an end. Rather, he has signed a spending bill which promotes shutdown due to an unequal distribution of wealth. As unemployment begins to rise again and more people are being separated from their families, America has become desperate for Trump to sign the relief bill. However, according to Rachael Siegel, Josh Dawsey, and Mike Debonis, he will not sign the bill “unless Congress makes changes including increasing stimulus checks to $2000”. This action has led to almost 5 trials during the month of December-the most trials in one month in American history. But how are the GOP Senators handling this?

CNN and The Wall Street Journal discuss that, to pass the time, numerous GOP Senators were spotted playing with fidget spinners during the proceedings. Richard Burr, for example, put down his paperwork and began spinning a blue fidget spinner while other candidates such as Jerry Nadler were speaking. He even distributed fidget spinners to his colleagues such as Tom Tuberville and Josh Hawley. Furthermore, many of the senators were seen pigging out at candy (as candy is the only food allowed in the Senate Hall). Senator Patrick Toomey stated jocularly that he has a “bi partisan candy desk” for senators to get their sugar fix.

Of course, actions such as these prove the Democrat party correctly when they say that the GOP has not been taking the virus seriously. Many would agree that it is not expected of a senator to stuff their face with candy and play with fidget spinners during a trial, let alone one that will determine the fate of America. The story was shared on Twitter by NBC News and the comments are quite amusing:

“That’s about the Republican Party’s processing speed. Get distracted and just ignore the truth”, wrote one comment.

“These senators are just ‘fidget spinners’ for Trump”, wrote another.

“They’ll have plenty of time to do that in jail”, write another.

“Who even votes for these people? Did he steal them from his grandchildren?”, questioned another.

One comment was more straightforward about the sight: “That is extremely disrespectful, though should I be surprised? #votethemallout”

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