Astrology 2021: A Year in Preview

The year of 2020 was full of major astrological transits that have serious impact over the coming years. Both “Great Conjunctions” occurred, Saturn and Pluto, and Jupiter and Saturn. The first happened the day Covid-19 was announced in January. The second was the second lock downs and acknowledgment by most of the political establishment that Donald Trump was, indeed, out. But 2021 is set to be less tumultuous.

silhouette of mountain during sunset
I said “less,” not “none.”
Photo: Oscar Avalos, Unsplash

Our major players happen to be Saturn and Uranus. Saturn, as previously discussed, is the planet representing authority. While Uranus, on the other hand, represents rebellion. If certain images of the two colliding come to mind, you are on the right track. This is further exaggerated by the fact that the geometric aspect between them is a square, the 90 degree angle between them.

In astrology, certain angles have inherent meaning. A conjunction is two planets occupying the same place in the chart and represents a fusion of the two energies. The opposition is 180 degrees; it represents conflict that requires balance or becomes a severing influence. The trine is 120 degrees, like an equilateral triangle, and represents the most harmonious reception of energies between two planets. The sextile is 60 degrees, and it is also a harmonious influence, but requires effort to bear fruit as it is ultimately an opportunity. And the square is 90 degrees which represents friction, a forced action between two archetypal energies that must be dealt with. It is the most likely to cause external events to manifest.

Having said that, the square between the planet of authority and the planet of rebellion is sure to put on a spectacular show. It may not be one we all want to take part in, but in many ways that won’t be possible. The forces of suppression are over-extending their reach, and many people are fed up with the way things are going. This is not simply a matter of Left versus Right, politically. Virtually everyone is sick of the hypocrisy of our leaders and the path they are taking us down, largely without our permission. You will see this play out, and I have news for you, Uranus has a habit of throwing a temper tantrum when you tell him what to do.

woman sitting on bed with flying books
Don’t tell me what to do, books!
Photo: Lacey Slezak, Unsplash

Now let’s talk dates and the inner planets which will coincide with the outer planets. Because, if there is one thing astrology is good at, it’s timing. And February 17th is when this little shindig kicks off. You can talk about all the energies and archetypes and Signs and Houses you want, but ultimately, astrology is a great big clock telling us when something is going to happen.

And with no amount of surprise on my part, the Moon will be exactly conjunct Uranus on the same day. This will symbolize the shock that people feel, and probably lends itself to the emotional upheaval that will accompany it. The Moon represents emotions, females, nurturing, and the unconscious. The Moon will act like a trigger, signaling a domino effect and putting things into motion.

Right alongside this will be Venus in a square to Mars. Venus is more than attraction, she is strategy in war, she is wisdom. And Mars, well he’s not just action, he’s blood lust, rage, and the warrior within. And as mentioned prior, the square is a symbol of friction, of problems forced to be dealt with. So, our wiser selves will be in conflict with our ability to act. And when that’s the case, we tend to be more impetuous than usual. Add that to the mix with the rebel Uranus and the emotional Moon, and you have a recipe for some very upset folks.

woman in black shirt holding eyeglasses
Action and reaction
Photo: Noah Buscher, Unsplash

The next date is June 14th. Here, we have a more positive outlook. By then, Saturn will be retrograde. That is, traveling backward by our perception. This means a kind of review of the first set of events and an attempt at reconciling. The inner planets seems to indicate this too, as Venus will be in a soft sextile to Uranus, indicating a more palatable shock to the system. Hopefully we’ll be talking it out as the Sun will be conjunct with Mercury, adding boundless energy to our ability to communicate. It will definitely be a lively discussion. And finally, Mars will be opposite to Pluto. A strong aspect to be sure, but one that can help us move forward productively. Pluto changes whatever it touches, discarding dead material and forcing a re-birth. As Mars is the one involved, our actions will undergo a kind of revival, helping us to reorganize how we attempt to do things.

And lastly, there is December 24th. Uh huh, Christmas Eve 2021. Not the best picture of our favorite holiday. But, hopefully this will represent our final bout with the eruptions. Saturn will be moving forward again, and nearly all the inner planets are either without major aspect, or are in fairly mild ones. This tells a story of implemented changes, as Venus will be conjunct Pluto. One of the only notable aspects, and normally one that packs a punch, this more than likely shows we are “attracting regeneration.” Shedding skin. Stepping out of the old struggles and into the new. Mars will sextile Saturn showing cooperation of action and authority and an opportunity to build on the past. The Sun will sextile Jupiter and Mercury will sextile Neptune, giving an easy opportunity for us to all attune with higher vibrations and get on in a new and improved way.

So, happy New Year everyone. Try to take 2020 in stride, and look forward to much needed modifications to our daily lives, and our larger communities.

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