Five Things We Are Thankful For in 2020

Before you diss this post as clickbait, please hear us out.

Okay, so many websites such as Ranker and even Gallop poll have taken votes about the worst year in history, and 2020 ranked EIGHTH on that list, even surpassing the years of World War I and World War II. If you were to tell us back in 2019 that people would locked down in their homes and rioting would occur in the streets, we would have never believed you. But here we are, concluding the eighth worst year in history with, indeed, rioting and quarantining ourselves. It truly begs the question: Isn’t there anything good that 2020 brought us? Well, here are 5 positive things that happened this year that we hope will continue and benefit us in the 2021:

Warmest Year in History: According to meteorologist Denise Chow, Winter of 2020 “saw record low snowfall with average Winter temperatures well above 10 degrees than usual”. The exceptionally warm winter has even caused ski resorts to close their doors and Russia to bring in the new year of 2020 using fake snow. In fact, many countries such as Finland and Russia have dubbed this past Winter the warmest in history. However, not only was Winter exceptionally warm but during the summer, the United States endured a week long heat wave from July 10 to July 17. According to the NOAA, temperatures had soared to 110 degrees Fahrenheit making it “the third warmest summer in history”. While December saw a 2 foot high snowfall on the East Coast, 2020 is still, overall, considered the warmest year in history. While its a shame we could not go out to enjoy the weather, according to Denise Chow, these temperatures could be the new normal: “If global warming persists and the cold air remains in the Arctic Circle, winters as we once knew them will be a thing of the past”. Warmer weather is something we are all looking forward to in 2021, but should we concerned that the new generation of kids may never see snow in their life?!

Restaurants Sharing Secret Recipes: Because we couldn’t go to restaurants this year, the restaurants had to come to us. Panda Express, for example, has finally shared their recipe for orange chicken, and we learned that the “secret ingredient” that adds that spicy kick to the dish is the “Dash Cayenne pepper.” KFC Fried Chicken: Original Recipe, as well, shared their secret ingredients which include “1 tablespoon of paprika and 2-1/2 tablespoons of poultry seasoning that keeps your chicken crispy”, according to the website. Now that we are able to cook these recipes at home, 2021 will certainly being us scrumptious dinners!

Among Us Blowup: According to gamer analyst Isaac Ahbad, “over 3 million people are playing the mobile game ‘Among Us’ every weekend, making it the most successful game of 2020”. In fact, as you are reading this article right now, 27,000 are playing this game at the moment. We don’t know what’s so addicting about trying to differentiate a crewmate from an imposter, but Among Us has truly been a Savior of 2020. Even when we have been rejected for not being the imposter, somehow all we could think about is playing another round. However, did you know that InnerSloth’s game was actually created in 2018? It wasn’t until late August of 2020 that YouTube gamers have spread awareness of this compelling app. With the game spiking in popularity, we don’t see any people quitting this game in 2021 and we are definitely thankful for it.

The Fly in Pence’s Hair: After such a cacophonous First Presidential Debate, many people were desperate to use the Vice Presidential Debate to determine their candidates. However, when Vice President Mike Pence was asked about his net worth and political history, a common house fly had landed atop his hair-a moment of which was not only distracting, but viral. Even Vice President elect Kamala Harris says in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow: “I think its important that we find a way for all of us to move on and ‘fly’ away from this subject on to something else!” However, the incident eventually went more viral on Saturday Night Live when slapstick actor Jim Carrey made a welcome return to the world, playing both Joe Biden and the “evil fly” in Pence’s hair. While 2020 may be memorable for the wrong reasons, here is one legendary reason to remember 2020.

Political Awareness: The greatest aspect that 2020 brought to us is stronger awareness of the issues in today’s society. After the police brutality and deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other colored victims, stronger emphasis was placed on the inequality of non whites as well as the dangers that police officers can bring to society. The media, too, began to cover more stories like this and the number of activists is steadily increased. Not only that but the 2020 Election results have shown that people have woken up to the inequality and injustice of American society. Reporter Adam Liptak says it best: “While we do not hate America and its Constitution, nobody can deny that the Constitution has seen better days. It must critiqued to attain the change we need”. We hope this passion and activism will remain strong in the years to come and, maybe if we keep spreading the word, we can consider 2020 to be the most important year in history due to its emphasis on political predicaments.

In spite of these events, 2020 was certainly an impactful way to start off the new decade! Life is certainly changing, and hopefully the rest of this decade will change for the better. However, before we bid 2020 good riddance, it made us quite hopeful to look at the positives of this year and carry these positives in with us through the new year. So, as the COVID vaccine is developed and 2020 finally comes to a close, have a wonderful new year, drink as much wine as you need, and keep your chin up; you can do it!

2020: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Pt. 1 – Truestar

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