The Cthulhu Casebooks: Sherlock Holmes and the Miskatonic Monstrosities – a review

By: Corey Lack

So, the Miskatonic Monstrosities was the second book in the crossover series known as the Cthulhu Casebooks written by James Lovegrove. It is a new adventure featuring the works of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson dealing with the eldritch gods made famous by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. In this, Holmes hears of a John Doe in a local insane asylum who has no memory of who he is, but speaks in the language of the twisted and evil beings that the two heroes fight so hard to prevent getting a foothold on our world.

Like with the previous book, it takes place through the view of Watson and features the “true” stories of their publicized adventures. Watson starts out feeling guilt over his writing the novels as some previous enemies used them to discover the truth behind them and, in an attempt to exact vengeance on Watson, killed his wife in a rather brutal fashion. This was something that I always wondered why other enemies of the canon never did this as Watson published their exploits in a very public setting.

The characters were okay in terms of their writing. Holmes was the most recognizable, though he would be the easiest to pull off in my opinion. Watson and the other characters, however, didn’t really feel very real. Watson’s guilt disappeared about a quarter of the way through the book and the other main characters were mostly described through secondhand information.

In terms of the plot, well, there isn’t much to say. Holmes finds out where the antagonist is hiding out pretty quick and most of the remaining story is telling said character’s history. To be honest, there wasn’t much of a story so much as a series of disconnected events. Not to mention the big twist at the end, I called about three chapters prior.

All in all, I’d say this story was alright. Not great, but not terrible. You could certainly do worse. Least it’s not the Twilight series.  That said, I’d rate this 7 dog-brained cats out of 10.

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