Godiva’s New Plan to Attract Customers

Godiva | Mohegan Sun

Since 1926, the Godiva company has satisfied many people’s sweet tooth’s through its unique manufacturing of chocolate. According to Michelle Chin, the Godiva head of marketing and global development for North America, the secret of Godiva chocolate is “melted chocolate is combined with bitter chunks which harden to create that appealing taste. These chunks are only found exclusively in the forests of Belgium, hence why they are priced so high. While the whole process may take about 18 months, according to Chin, stocks in the Godiva company have decreased considerably. According to reporter Kseniia Charge,Godiva’s profit fell from $2 million per year to $500,000 per year in 2020 alone. Therefore, the company is making moves to ensure success in their company again.

While Yildiz Holding has served as the board member of Godiva for many years, she is now retiring for the 2021 year. Godiva has been searching for another applicable replacement. After long-time chief strategy and growth officer Nurtac Ziyal Afridi had proposed a plan to bring chocolate to a wider audience, she will now take the part of CEO in the company.

According to Staff writer Anne Stych, Afridi “had adapted psychology and business courses to study operations to fit changes in customer’s behavior”. These operations include shifting focus to online shopping, as customers can buy the chocolate without leaving their home, as well as relying on other digital technology such as Uber Eats and the iPhone. After all, using digital technology had improved Godiva’s sales to $1.5 million back in 2014.

According to Afridi’s resume, she had previously served as CEO for companies such as Accenture and Arthur Anderson & Co. By using online technology, success in both businesses have improved by about $50,000. Other general plans that Afridi plans to make include establishing Godiva processing plants around the world to improve efficiency of online shopping. Afridi also hopes that “expanding the product portfolio and augmenting the customer and consumer relations through physical and digital means will improve sales.”

Godiva remains to be one of the most successful chocolate companies. By changing their CEO, Godiva hopes their reputation not only be kept, but be enhanced. With Afridi’s knowledge of human nature and business, the company hopes to have a better 2021 after the tumultuous events of 2020.

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