This New Apple Feature Will Make You Lose Weight

Apple - YouTube

Sure, apples themselves are one way to lose weight, but the Apple Tech company is offering an even more helpful method of losing weight. Beginning in the WatchOS 7.3 Release, a new feature called Time To Walk will be implemented. This will not be a workout app, but a podcast that inspires users to work out through inspiring stories of people who lost weight as they worked out.

Most of these stories will last 30 minutes, which is the recommended amount of exercise to attain daily. The stories will revolve around celebrities, including Shawn Mendes and Dolly Parton. For example, Dolly Parton has expressed her biggest fear was “not fitting into one of my backstage trademark dresses, but I think I am controlling my weight better”. She also gives examples of controlling one’s weight, such as writing down the high carb foods you eat to be more self-conscious.

It is rather controversial, however, if this app will become successful. On the one hand, a study showed that over 50% of participants in an activity were likely to complete the activity if given an incentive or a motivating story. However, in the long term, only about 5% of people habitually performed their goal. In other words, while the app may be useful in the beginning, eventually the motivation will become weaker until Americans return to their sedentary lifestyle.

However, this study is not stopping Apple from adding numerous features to Time To Walk. There are different stories for different exercises such as treadmill running and bicycle riding. The service is $10 per month and is already reviewed by user Othmane to be “very inspirational”. Apple, as well, promises the feature will be “a new audio experience that makes the humdrum outdoor walk more entertaining and uplifting”. Perhaps our New Years resolution to lose weight will be salvaged after all!

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