Volkswagen Company Switching to Electric Powered Cars

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Since Joe Biden took office last week, he has stated that environmental safety and ceasing the spread of climate change is going to be a major aspect of his administration. The German automaker company Volkswagen has been abiding by Biden’s words by switching to electric powered cars to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. For the sake of marketing, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess is urging Biden to promote these environmental vehicles “for not only our company, but for our country as well”.

Their decision to appeal to Biden came after the President had declared wanting to purchase thousands of American-made cars. Biden states he will replace gas powered vehicles “with clean electric vehicles, made right here in America by American workers”. It was also encouraged by an executive order which tightened rules requiring federal agencies to purchase US manufactured products. “Good decision and good timing by Biden”, says Deiss, “We are ready to deliver our e-offensive cars in the US”.

Deiss also insisted that, by 2022, the ID.4 electric SUV will be built in the 3.4 million square foot factory in Tennessee. However, this goal will require a massive effort. According to the General Services Administration, federal agencies and the military owned about 645,000 vehicles under the Trump administration, only 3,000 of which were electricity powered. Nonetheless, Volkswagen said if Biden would promote their company, their sales will rise by about 150%

Furthermore, Volksvagen will face competition from other car companies such as Ford and General Motors, which are also expanding their green powered vehicle industry. Volkswagen plans to face this competition through the creation of electric powered boats run by renewable batteries. “Expanding our industry will help reduce our impact on carbon emission exposures”, says Deiss. The administration has not addressed the Volkswagen company, and we are unsure what the status will be in the future.

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