The High King’s Golden Tongue by Megan Derr

The world building was good, but the main characters themselves weren’t that relatable. Only the secondary characters: Tara, Lesto, and Rene; were interesting and had more character depth. I was left more confused because I didn’t understand how the men could get pregnant in the book. I understand that sometimes they used a dame for childbearing, but the author never really explained how the men could get pregnant. I would have liked a chapter on how that was possible.

Prince Allen wasn’t that likable. I get that he had a tragic backstory, but he did come off as a bit shallow. It was like he couldn’t see past being High King Sarraca’s betrothed. He didn’t fully know who he was. The first chapter was pretty funny on how Sarraca treated him.

High King Sarraca was an arrogant jerk. I get that he was still morning his late husbands death even after 2 years, but that isn’t an excuse to treat other people badly. It wasn’t far that the council forced another marriage on him, but they probable did try to tell him about Prince Allen and he just didn’t listen.

The romance between Allen and Sarraca seemed to go too fast and there wasn’t much build up to it. It was like an instant attraction once Sarraca looked past his own views. I prefer slow burn romance that takes time to develop and theirs didn’t.

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