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One of the most love-filled, pink times of the year is upon us, and there’s no better way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit than listening to some fun, romantic songs! Here are some great modern options that will have you looking like the heart eyes emoji.

  1. Five Seconds of Summer – “Valentine” 

5SOS specifically made “Valentine” with the goal of making a Valentine’s Day song, so it definitely warrants a spot on your playlist. Guitarist Michael Clifford explained in their Cocktail Chats YouTube series, “when you listen to it, it kinda encapsulates what the type of mood and feeling you want to be feeling on Valentine’s Day is.”

  1. Taylor Swift – “It’s Nice to Have a Friend”

The epitome of the friends-to-lovers trope, “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” is one of the standout tracks on Taylor Swift’s Lover album. Swift told Billboard that she drew inspiration from the idea that we want to find love even when we’re kids looking for a best friend, making it a perfectly universal ode to someone you love platonically or romantically. 

  1. Alex Amor – “The Part With Each Other”

Alex Amor’s aesthetic is basically Cupid come to life with a retro flair. “The Part With Each Other” was her debut single that sounds like something you’d hear on one of your relatives’ vintage records, describing the beginning stages of a relationship over a swoon-worthy instrumental. As if you needed another reason to check it out, the EP it’s on is called Love Language, cementing its status as a future Valentine’s Day staple. 

  1. phem – “Honest” (feat. Iann Dior)

“Honest” is the perfect alt-pop track to jam out to this month, with phem and Iann Dior taking turns describing falling for someone new. It’s phem’s first top 40 radio hit, making it one for the books and your playlist. 

  1. Machine Gun Kelly – “bloody valentine”

Sure, “valentine” is in the title, but “bloody valentine” becomes more romantic when you realize Megan Fox appeared in the music video before she started dating Machine Gun Kelly. He even subtly announced their relationship with a lyric from the song! 


Elko is undoubtedly the next big artist to come out of Toronto, Canada, and “YOU’RE FEELING THE SAME THINGS” is proof of that. The song sees Elko describing their feelings for someone who’s confused about how she feels about them. 

  1. YUNGBLUD – “love song”

“love song” is a sweet ode to someone who changed YUNGBLUD’s perspective on love and relationships after he grew up witnessing toxic ones. He wrote it after his relationship with fellow artist Halsey, who he’s still friends with, ended as a way of extending appreciation to her. 

  1. Halsey – “Finally // beautiful stranger”

Another chapter of the Halsey x YUNGBLUD saga, “Finally // beautiful stranger” explains how YUNGBLUD helped Halsey believe in love again after she experienced unhealthy romances herself. Halsey told Apple Music, “I wrote it at home in my living room at two in the morning when I was dating Dom. I’d been thinking about the night we met. I had told the story so many times, and every time, it got more romantic.”

  1. Kelsea Ballerini – “I Hate Love Songs”

“I Hate Love Songs” is the perfect track for people who aren’t into the typical, overly romantic Valentine’s tropes. Ballerini promises that even though she “hate[s] pink hearts with glitter and Valentine’s dinner,” she’s still madly in love with her husband, Morgan Evans. 

10. MAYLYN – “You Go With Me”

“You Go With Me” is an undiscovered pop gem about two people who simply “go” together. It’s a fun, refreshing track you could dedicate to your partner, best friend, or even a family member you connect with.

What are some of your favorite love songs?

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