What Can 3D Printing Be Used For? Here Are 10 Amazing Examples

The Myyard Formart 2 machine takes the idea of 3D printing to an entirely new level. While 3D printing is usually thought of as producing endless lines of plastic onto a surface, the Myyard Formart 2 utilizes a completely different technique-vacuum formatting which, according to technology analyst John Biggs, involves “smoothing a sheet of thin plastic over an object to make a hollow copy”. This type of technique creates an identical copy of a 3D object in minutes and is more efficient than Traditional methods.

To use the Myyard Formart 2, you first place a flat sheet of plastic onto the holder which the machine heats up to increase its thermal temperature and improve processing speed. The system then pushes the plastic over the object, thus depriving it of its air until the raw temperature produces the 3D model. The model can then be cut out, molded, or assembled like a hefty object.

According to the Myyrard company, the “Early Bird model will cost $1,799 and will shipped in September. The kit includes PET forming sheets as well as a 30 sheet supply of high impact polystyrene, which can fine tune the pre heating and forming stages of the process”. In fact, there is an entire library of materials you can use depending on how you wish to use the machine.

Test monkeys of the machine claim that it is best for making molded objects like soap or chocolate. It can also be useful for making solid plaster objects, which is a feat that 3D printing has yet to equal. It’s certainly a change in pace as there hasn’t been a smart vacuum forming machine to improve convenience in households. While it is unique from 3D printing, it is uncertain what advancements the world of crafting will bring next.  

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