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Hood rich is very common for individuals who live in the inner city. Hood rich people are those who drive cars in price ranges beyond their means. These people love to flex with expensive shoes, hair, jewelry, makeup, fine dining, clothes from their boosters and so on all while living in low income areas. More than likely, they’re in serious debt and are masters at scamming. They take out small business loans without providing proof of that business or paying off the taxes ( “Generally, for 2020 taxes a single individual under age 65 only has to file if their adjusted gross income exceeds $12,400”). Once they can “afford” to live the life of luxury, they may look down on those who possess less than them. Hood “professions” can fall in the hood rich category along with anyone who is flashy and living above their means in low income areas. The hood rich are some of those students we see on college campuses who attend classes for the first two weeks, then drop once the refund checks hit their bank accounts. The hood rich don’t raise, love, support and care for their children. They equate good parenting with expensive gifts and pay little to no attention to their children’s well being, mental health, and messages. In many cases, their priorities aren’t well organized meaning some bills may go unpaid but that hair will be forever laid. 

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I understand that it’s frustrating to lack resources, primarily money because we need money to live. I grew up in the inner city and have seen multiple examples of this way of life; I currently reside in an inner city community. I’m no finance/economic expert. Some may deem me a hater. However, I don’t see those that flex and are hood rich as rich at all. Rich is actually temporary and we should aspire to be wealthy instead. The rich go broke because they fail to budget and save money. They constantly spend on luxurious pleasures, burning through thousands/millions of dollars. Investments are highly important in order to maintain wealth; this allows your money to do the work for you as opposed to you working for money. The rich mindset never grows. The wealthy mindset evolves, grows, learns, and is a better option in the long run for families, mainly children. Wealthy people spend money, most of the time, on experiences rather than material things. Experiences such as events, trips, and so on. While I never like to judge others for the decisions they make, I do question why priorities are out of whack. My observation is that inner city people aren’t used to having a lot, so when they finally gain something, they don’t know how to handle it. It’s still important to consider that some people aren’t taught how to properly manage money. Wealth and financial stability, in my opinion, is something everyone should educate themselves on or seek advice from experts. If you have no debt or it’s paid off, all of your bills are paid for, and you have all of your basic life necessities, you deserve to treat yourself, splurge, and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Now, if you’re in debt and scamming innocent people out of their money, politely explain to me why you need lavish items that exceed your tax bracket. Wealth should be gained by various investments, honest jobs, and legitimate businesses. It’s also a good idea to donate to charities when you have an excessive amount of money. 

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Hood rich also attracts bad energy. There’s a reason why people leave the hood once they start to earn honest money. When living in the inner city community, you may struggle and you’re surrounded by those who are struggling to make ends meet or make just enough to get by. Some are mesmerized by glitz and glamour and are prone to rob individuals with extravagant items. Some instances can be more fatal than a robbery, meaning murder. Seeing celebrities on television showcase their lifestyles also mesmerizes regular people, making them want to experience the same life instantly. Music, particularly Hip-Hop has a heavy impact. There’s a time and a place for everything. The hood is no place to flaunt your riches. Being hood rich shouldn’t be a goal because it’s short lived and a big fantasy. Be aware of the dangers associated with this lifestyle.

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I think people want to have access to an increased income overnight, so the fast lifestyle is far more appealing than working hard, building yourself up, and staying on the right side of the law in order to gain financial freedom. Seeing your money gradually grow overtime in itself can truly be one of the greatest things in the world. That way, when you finally achieve your goals, you can reflect on all of your hardships, see how far you’ve come, and appreciate your improved financial circumstance. Always remember that anything that comes into your life fast today can leave even faster tomorrow. Fast money isn’t good money. Live beneath your means especially if you live in low income areas. You never want to bring too much attention to yourself, particularly when money is involved. Be cautious when posting lavish gifts on social media and be as discrete as possible. Educate yourself on ways to be financially responsible. Know that it’s okay to work regular, honest jobs in order to build yourself up because we all have to start somewhere. Never belittle those who are less fortunate. Technically speaking, you aren’t fortunate. You don’t have to impress anybody while living in low income areas. Consider purchasing lavish items only after bills have been paid and you’ve earned money the honest way. Have patience and develop new skills that can benefit you long term. Understand why you feel the need to have the luxury items: do you feel it’s what makes you the happiest, are you trying to suppress emotional pain by the excessive amount of materialism? Are your actions your own unique way of expressing your fear of being broke? Side note, if you are unhappy, it’s more of an internal issue that can never be fixed with expensive items. In the words of Bay legend E-40, “sometimes it’s cool to floss, but don’t buy a $85,000 car before you buy a house” (Rapper’s Ball ft. Too $hort and K-Ci, 1996).

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