Happy Easter: A One Sentence Review on Every Jelly Belly Flavor

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The Lenten season is officially coming to a close (went by quickly, no?) and this Sunday we remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter. While this may be the most important part of Easter for Christians, there are other fun aspects that the Easter season brings to us such as candy, candy, candy! Chocolate Bunnies, Peanut Butter Eggs, Peeps, and, of course, jelly beans! In honor of the Easter season, we have tasted all 50 Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors and provided an opinion. So, here is a super concise, one sentence summary of every flavor (in no particular ranking order):

Buttered Popcorn: May sound appalling for a jelly bean flavor but much tastier than one would expect.

Licorise: Stick to Twizzlers to satisfy your bitter taste buds.

Maple Syrup: Not terrible but who eats maple syrup straight from the bottle?

Red Apple: Tastes a bit too sweet than an actual apple

Chocolate Pudding: Accurately named and very delicious

French Vanilla: Tastes great alone but better when combined with other flavors like Chocolate Pudding

Caramel Corn: Tastes a lot like Buttered Popcorn, so we’re certainly not complaining

Cappuccino: More sweet than bitter considering its supposed to resemble coffee

Bubble Gum: Tastes exactly like bubble gum except you can’t blow bubbles

Strawberry Cheesecake: Not quite as filling or satisfying as an actual cheesecake, but still worth a least one try

Pomegranate: Tastes minimally like an actual pomegranate and we have to choke this flavor down

Mango: Sweet and refreshing, like an actual mango

Lemon: Tastes simply like a lemon, what more to say?

Tutti Frutti: There are too many flavors going on in your mouth to recommend this one

Top Banana: Tastes even sweeter and better than a real banana, way to go Jelly Belly!

Pink Grapefruit: Delicious, but nothing that makes it stand out from other flavors

Orange: Tastes juicier than an actual orange, or prehaps that’s our saliva?

Lime: VERY tasty and VERY refreshing, highly recommend this one(though there’s an even better variant of this flavor)

Cantaloupe: Simple, if you enjoy the taste of cantaloupe, you’ll enjoy this jelly bean flavor

Strawberry Daiquiri: Even though there’s no alcohol, its taste is surprisingly accurate

Kiwi: Not quite as juicy as an actual kiwi, but still very tasty and refreshing.

Green Apples: Tastes more accurate than Red Apple, but still a tad too sweet

Raspberry: Has that distinguishable tart flavor from other Jelly Bean flavors, and it’s very good.

Cotton Candy: Even for Jelly Belly, this was never meant to be a jelly bean flavor; we’ll pass on this one

Orange Sherbert: Starbursts did it better

Tangerine: We’re neutral about this one (keep in mind that there’s not one Jelly Belly flavor we legitimately hate)

Dr. Pepper: Impossible to taste the accurately of this flavor without feeling the fizz trickling down your throat

Blueberry: Like lime, there’s a better variation but this is still delicious and refreshing

Coconut: They’re not lying, it tastes exactly as it sounds

Plum: Again, it doesn’t stand out from other flavors but it’s still a good flavor

Birthday Cake Remix: Like Tutti Frutti, there are too many flavors to the point where it becomes disorienting

A&W Cream Soda: Sweet, satisfying, and addictive, a straight-up classic for Jelly Belly

Crushed Pineapple: Somehow, it tastes juicier than a regular pineapple

Sour Cherry: Not as sour as we expected, but jelly beans were meant to taste sweet and this flavor delivers

Lemon Drop: For some reason, this tastes more wholesome than the original lemon

Mixed Berry Smoothie: Probably the most refreshing flavor of the entire Jelly Belly franchise, just like an actual smoothie! Highly recommended!

Pina Colada: Gives beach vibes and fond memories of better times in our lives, very tasty too!

Lemon Lime: Strikes the perfect balance between the two flavors; an even better version of lime

Toasted Marshmellow: Tastes like an actual fresh marshmallow and even better when combined with other flavors (ex. Chocolate Pudding and Caramel Corn for S’mores)

Very Cherry: Considered the most popular flavor since 2003; our work here is done

Wild Blackberry: Very good

Margarita: Just like Strawberry Daiquiri, it still tastes surprisingly accurate considering there’s no alcohol

Peach: Sweet and satisfying, like the actual fruit

A&W Root Beer: While not as memorable as its cream soda counterpart, A&W Root Beer comes very close; highly reccomend!

Strawberry Jam: Who knew jam without peanut butter or toast could taste so appealing?

Watermelon: Unlike other watermelon flavors, Jelly Belly avoided the artificial sugar in their taste, so it tastes very realistic (and very delicious!)

Island Punch: Again, one of the best and most refreshing Jelly Belly flavors out there

Juicy Pear: The jelly bean itself looks very appealing with itd dark green spots and the taste itself is, well, juicy.

Sizzling Cinnamon: You either really like it or really hate it, though your mouth will certainly be on fire after this one.

Berry Blue: Not only is it a superior version of the blueberry, but it combines a blueberry flavor with a citrus flavor; again, one of the best choices.

Every Jelly Belly Jelly Bean is unique in its own way. While some flavors may be more appealing than others, it goes without saying that jelly beans have a profound impact on the Easter season, along with other chocolate and candy and, of course, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Happy Easter and happy snacking away!

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