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I have 371 notes in my cellphone. While there are a few old grocery lists and reminders about people’s names scattered among them, most of my notes are things I’ve pondered or things someone said that caught my ear. Here are some of my favorites from 2017 through 2019.

If she thinks my tractor’s sexy, wait till she gets to my combine.

Love is all there is.

Smite me with those problems.

Throw me another bone. Even the marrow is better.

I’ve never been good at keeping my guard up. I’ve been sucker-punched once or twice, but I’m willing to go a few rounds with you.

Turned around in Memphis.

Kinda feeling like Moses, looking at the Promised Land where I will never be.

Do I need a hunting license or a lawyer?

You may get me in the wash, but you won’t get me in the rinse.

Fly high, Mom.

It helps if you’re able to read.

And to those I hurt along the way, I owned it all, but it owned me, too.

Row, row, row your boat.

Every man has his share of heartache. Every man has his share of pain. Everyman has his share of losing. Every man has his share of gain.

I want you to cry. I want you to laugh. How else will I know that I have lived?

It’s a Post-Truth world.

You have to dress for the kind of weather you want it to be.

Run to it!

Jerry Merrick, the last munchkin.

The globe is wobbling like a belly dancer.

No cure for Green Peter.

A happy person enjoys the scenery on a detour.

There are no Band-Aids in heaven.

They will in Arkansas.

Living with an open heart.

Don’t ever screw a songwriter.

I want.

My life’s been vanilla. Coulda used some tutti fruity along the way.

Drink responsibly. “Love, you steer. I’ll make sure I drink it all.”

Your statues and your flags are drenched with the blood of the oppressed. There are museums for such things.

I swallowed your heart and it went down easy.

Broken in three.

Living in the in-betweens.

We are on our way to getting there.

Love’s ripening.

Just cute enough to destroy your life.

If Jesus waved a flag…

The Gospel According to Judas.

You raked my heart with a razor-sharp fine-toothed comb.

I got a bobcat-lined guitar case.

Yeah, yeah. I’m in recovery but I ain’t happy about it.

Sometimes Satan does G_d’s work.

Jesus, make me squeal.

Let go of the person that was, and accept the person that is.

Doing wrong is what I do best.

I’m popular in Japan.

I don’t feel like chasing that buzz tonight.

Leave me the hell alone.

You give me one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given: permission.

The Assumption of Mary.

Laugh without light in your eyes.

The best journeys are those that answer questions which in the beginning you did not even know to ask.

(Originally published in Oxford, Mississippi’s The Local Voice.)

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