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David Ottestad, who performs as The Workday Release, spends a romantic evening with his wife in the midst of a move in the fun music video for his new single “I Do.” The song appears on his upcoming album, Like the Light of the Stars, which he wrote and produced all on his own.

The music video shows a married couple preparing to move to a new home when they rediscover the dress (designed by Berta) and suit they wore at their wedding. They put on the clothes and go out for a night on the town, stopping at several small stores in Fullerton, California – they visit Memo’s Vintage, Black Hole Records, Comic Book Hideout, Mo’s Fullerton Music, Made Coffee, and Crepes Bonaparte.

“For the video, I wanted to portray the idea that ‘I do’ isn’t just something you say on your wedding day. It’s something you say every day,” Ottestad told Buzzbands, who premiered the clip. “I decided to shoot the video with my wife and show us getting back into our wedding dress and suit years after initially saying ‘I do’ as a symbol of wearing that phrase during changing circumstances.”

In addition to showing the importance of love and commitment, the video encourages fans to support small businesses that may have been affected by COVID-19. Ottestad explains, “Especially during the pandemic, being able to make a video that serves as an encouragement to the viewers to #shopsmall was really important to me. We made a purchase at each store we filmed at and had so much fun visiting each spot in our wedding attire.”

The song sets a warm, loving tone for Like the Light of the Stars, which comes out April 16th – Ottestad describes the album as “big and small, epic yet intimate, polished but human, complex yet simple, happy and sad.” 

Be sure to keep an eye (and ear) out for Like the Light of the Stars! In the meantime, you can connect with The Workday Release on Facebook and Instagram.

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