Dark Embrace

Winter fell in the house. AC was on full blast. Her little hands were icicles. The wooden floor creaked when she leaned against it. This was her new bed for the night. Her small pink teddy and a white blanket with stars, were her only comfort tonight. Her room was not an option. The dark abyss, too painful to walk into. Whatever creature lied in wait for her to come inside, will be disappointed. This creature began to appear, nightmares come to life. A distorted figure that towered over her. She could feel his eyes on her as she slept. She tried to control her breathing, fool the thing. But its fingertips brushed her forehead and she involuntarily shivered.

When school hours were almost up, she walked home. The sound of bees made her rub her earlobes for comfort. It was bad enough that she always watched her back. She never had friends and wasn’t fond of her classmates. The feeling seemed mutual. With odd stares and glowers from other tables, she preferred eating alone. That’s how it was. Despite having one friend, their lunch wasn’t on the same schedule time. So, she walked alone most of the time, the occasional chit chats every now and then from her one friend, who would wait for her after school. But as she lied on the floor at two o’clock in the morning, she wasn’t sure who to talk to. Would her friend find her childish if she told her? She curled her legs to her chest, stared at her ajar bedroom door. A pair of bright green eyes stared at her. You couldn’t see the misshapen figure. Her breath hitched and she chanted, it wasn’t real. But the green eyes blinked, and a creak filled the silence.

She stood perfectly still. Her consciousness was on high alert. All her fears bundled into this creature. Her insecurity of being left behind, judged by her peers, her father who wasn’t in the picture. All these every day feelings kept crashing down on a regular basis. Her night was the only time of solitude, now that was taken away. These past few months of good sleeps were gone.

            The dark figure kept creaking toward her. She shuffled her body, too scared to run. She turned around and held onto her knees. Her mom wasn’t awake, light snores escaped her parent’s bedroom. She was alone, as usual. Heavy breaths filled the cold room, it was almost warm. It melted the room. The breath halted. She closed her eyes, felt a small pressure on her back. She wasn’t sure she shivered from the cold or touch. But something about this touch wasn’t scary. Was it always like this? For these few months she writhed under the brush of her skin. It gave her chest pangs and her face sweated. But this moment was odd, unheard of. All her worries swirled away into the cold. Without a thought, she exhaled loudly. She couldn’t open her eyes.

            A pair of fuzzy sensations, she assumed was the creature’s hands, rested on her shoulders. A small breath left her throat. A warm body pressed against her back. Arms found their way around her. This was a hug. It was pure comfort and sincerity. She never had any affection thrown her way. Sure, her mother showed her and yes, her friend gave her hugs, but this was different. The cold wooden floor balanced out the warmth on her back and chest. She knew that everything would work out. She knew that her nightmares won’t be back.

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