Everybody is Reviewing This Product, so We Did Too

OnePlus' first smartwatch promises a two-week battery and speedy charging |  Engadget

The newest in technological products has been created; the OnePlus Watch. According to the company website, this watch is unique from others in that it comes with “a user-friendly interface with refined elegance embodying uncompromising craftmanship”. While its design may be different from others, do it’s functions and purposes hold up to standards? Plenty of people have posted reviews on the OnePlus Watch and so here is ours:

One feature of the OnePlus watch is the fitness tracker which claims it can accurately determine the number of steps taken by tracking daily activity. When we first tested this feature, its statistics were completely inaccurate. For example, when walking to the grocery store, which happens to be right across the street, the fitness tracker had stated that it was over 15,000 steps to walk across the street. It also stated we were asleep when it was the afternoon. When attempting to determine more accurate measurements, we attempted to use the imperial system which makes numbers easier to calculate, but it asserted to use the metric system instead. Does anybody know how to convert imperial statistical values by multiplying the value of the prefix and converting units to multiples of ten? Didn’t think so.

The OnePlus Watch also boasts about granting Internet connection to its users, which is something that the Apple Watch can do perfectly fine. In fact, the Apple Watch’s Internet connection is infinitely stronger than OneWatch as emails were not recognized by the device until almost 4 hours after they were sent! While the email notifications themselves are easy to read due to the size of the watch (46mm), the uncomfortable nature of the watch and the poor connection is not worth it.

In terms of hardware and other features, the OnePlus watch provides 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage. The Apple Watch provides 3GB of RAM and 15GB of storage. Still, the OnePlus watch seems to excel at fitness providing a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, and an automatic workout detection. When we tried to download other apps, the OnePlus watch would not support them. It also did not report NFC payments. Other features include a GPS system which was proven inaccurate as it lead us to unknown territory (what else is new?) and a buffering OnePlus TV which let’s us watch TV as we exercise.

Overall, the OnePlus Watch is not worth your time and certainly not worth your money ($259!). While the company prides itself on the design of the watch, it’s clear that they did not see the forest for the trees and created a device with broken features and buffering connections that render the device useless. “Smart”Watch? Think not. Just buy a FitBit or Apple Watch and you’re good to go.

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