Dolly Parton’s New Ice Cream Flavor

Dolly Parton's Ice Cream Flavor Hawked on eBay for $1,000

Country singer Dolly Parton has worked from “9 to 5” to impress the American public with a new confection. After collaborating with the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream company, Parton has helped create a new ice cream flavor named “Strawberry Pretzel Pie”. While a strawberry, a pretzel, a pie, and ice cream may not sound appetizing together, it was appetizing enough for the Jeni’s ice cream company to spike in popularity.

The Strawberry Pretzel Pie flavor features layers of pretzel streusel mixed with cream cheese ice cream and strawberry sauce. According to reviews on the Jeni’s website, this flavor “is sweet and salty with timeless appeal, deep American roots, and makes you feel good”. Sales from the dessert will go towards Parton’s “Imagination Library” which is a program that donates books to younger children.

The unique flavor has earned Parton over 50,000 views within the first hour of taking to Instagram. The reviews are already flowing: “It’s all about concept and execution and Strawerry Pretzel Pie flavor is the definition of that!” wrote one review. “I hope I find one in my refrigerator shelves one day”, wrote another. The flavor has even sparked a barter on eBay where consumers are willing to pay $1,000 for one pint!

This competition may arise from the fact that, thus far, only 10,000 pints of the ice cream flavor have been created. This flavor is making everyone scream for ice cream, so head to your local Jeni’s ice cream parlor to taste the confection of strawberry pretzel pie while supplies last. With a flavor this delicious and obscure, this may be the sweetest collaboration of 2021!

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