Google Nest Mini review: Mini update, max impact

“Hey Siri”. “Hey Alexa”. “Hey Google”. For the past few years, these words have become practically second nature to us as they trigger the computer to perform our tasks. However, with a new feature founded by Android Police, perhaps even saying those words has become too much. Now, all it takes is the command for the assistant to start listening to us such as “Turn on the lights” or “Heat the oven”.

This new feature has been dubbed “Guacamole” as it is still under the programming stages of development. The feature was first founded after updating the Google App on Android devices. The update had introduced the “Guacamole menu” which provides a shortcut menu for eliminating the words “Hey Google”. This feature can be found in the “Google Assistants” settings list (though not fully functional yet)

According to reporter Joey Serrano, to enable the feature, “users first have to click and read, presumably, a set of terms and conditions. We say ‘presumably’ because the link in the menu does not work yet, so we haven’t been able to confirm this”. Still, Google executives report that the shortcut feature will enable quick tasks such as setting alarms and making calls. Simply by saying “Snooze”, for example, Google will cease the droning of the daily alarm. Likewise, users can simply say “Answer the call” or “Decline the call”.

As with other developmental features, there’s no guarantee that this feature will become a success. Google reports that it is still in the testing stage which is why the feature has not been released on everyone’s phone yet. Still, we can’t help but appreciate how much more satisfying and authoritative it is to not have to use the words “Hey Google” when performing tasks. We feel like the boss and that’s what matters in the end.

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