Here’s One Positive Factor of the Climate Crisis

Grolar Bear — Extinction By Any Other Name | by Veer Mudambi | Medium

Carbon emissions as well as other environmental destructions created by humans is destroying our planet at an alarming rate. The release of these emissions has caused the overall global temperature to rise considerably. However, for animal lovers like ourselves, there is at least one positive factor coming out of this crisis: the breeding of polar bears and grizzly bears.

The “Polar Bear Grizly Hybrid” breed of bear, also known as “Pizzly Bears” had first been spotted in 2006 and hasn’t been heard of since. However, the rise in global warming has caused the two specie’s habitat to overlap, thus encouraging breeding between the bears. This is because, according to biologist Alyse Stanley, “The heat created by carbon emissions pushing the grizzly bears North while polar bears have been traveling South in search of food”.

Though arctic sea ice levels continue to shrink to historic levels, it is not preventing polar bears and grizzly bears from partaking in “Opportunistic mating” in which eight Pizzly bears were traced back to a single female polar bear and two separate male grizzly bears. According to biological analysis DeSantis, “We’ve known about Pizzly bears for quite some time, but their occurrence may be more common with ongoing arctic warming”. This may also be because polar bears now need to search for alternative food sources and the temperature is too high for seals to thrive in.

Both polar bears and grizzly bears are endangered wildlife species so encouraging mating increases the likelihood of survival. “Most of the time, hybrids are not more vigorous than either of the two species”, says DeSantis. “However, there are instances where hybrid species can be more vigorous than their predecessors, particularly if that environment is deviating from what it once was”. The hearty nature of Pizzly bears encourages further congregation and survival which is aided by the fact that the species diverged only about 500,000 years ago.

Make no mistake, the climate crisis is creating numerous catastrophic effects to our country that cannot be ignored such as ecological upheaval and sea level rise. In fact, if emissions continue rising at this rate, the global temperature will rise 5 degrees Fahrenheit (or 3 degrees Celsius) by the end of this century! However, the rise in population of an endangered species in one positive factor of this crisis. Still, the negatives outweigh the positives and action should definitely be taken to end this global crisis.

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