As an independent band, it’s not easy to become a streaming sensation, but Katastro have earned over 80 million career streams, toured with Dirty Heads, and gotten approval from outlets like Alternative Press since they debuted a decade and a half ago. This mind-blowing success is a bit more understandable once you hear the unique way the band fuses genres like hip-hop and alt-rock, especially on their boppy new single “The Way I Feel.” 

Blending some of the best elements of modern pop hits, including chill vocal delivery reminiscent of blackbear and a kaleidoscopic intro comparable to that of Olivia Rodrigo’s “deja vu,” “The Way I Feel” is a fun, light track that’s guaranteed to become a staple on your playlist this summer. It’s the third single from the group’s upcoming album, Sucker (due July 16th), after fan favorites “Way Too High” and “100 Rips.”

“‘The Way I Feel’ is probably the most personal song for me on the album,” vocalist Andy Chaves admits. “I was going through a shitty breakup and remember not wanting to be in the studio at all that day. The keys that come in the beginning just make you feel good. I remember driving home after that session and I was in the one of the best moods I had been in for a while. I’m hoping this track makes anyone going through the same shit feel the same way I did on that drive home.”

Katastro’s dedication to being honest in their music to help others is part of their appeal, and it seems to come off effortlessly. As drummer Andrew Stravers explains, “We want to make art that makes people feel good. Art that helps people. I would love to hear our fans say our music helped them get through trauma. That our music helped them get to the next chapter in life. What’s better than that?”

Even if you’re not dealing with something heavy at the moment, “The Way I Feel” and the other songs from Sucker are the perfect soundtrack for summer memories, whether it’s something lowkey like hanging out with friends or something more adventurous like a windows-down road trip.

You can check out “The Way I Feel” on your favorite streaming services now, and be sure to presave Sucker ahead of its release on July 16th! 

(c) Chris Colclasure

Katastro consists of vocalist Andy Chaves, drummer Andrew Stravers, guitarist Tanner Riccio, and bassist Ryan Weddle.

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