Bandits on the Run Unveil “Spellbound” Music Video and Announce Pride Fundraiser

Ahead of the release of their Now is the Time EP, Bandits on the Run have released a sophisticated new music video for their single “Spellbound!” Regina Strayhorn, who leads the song, plays a ghost romancing a mysterious man while her bandmates, Sydney Shepherd and Adrian Blake Enscoe, spend a romantic couple’s retreat at the Lyman Estate in Massachusetts. 

“[The song embodies] the heartbreak and confusion of a disappearing act,” Regina explains. “The feeling of getting lost in a mysterious mansion is written into the bones of the song. Shooting the video was an act of kismet.”

At first, the video seems to be using Regina’s invisibility as a metaphor for how the relationship described in the song consumes her, but the clip’s climax shows her getting her ghostly heart broken as she sends a message to Sydney and Adrian through a Ouija board. It’s the perfect chilling way to bring the song to life while letting the Bandits show off their acting skills.

Bandits on the Run also recently announced an open call for drag performers to appear in their upcoming “She’s the Queen” music video, slated to release with Now is the Time in June. The video is already starring New York drag performers Blake Deadly, Junior Mintt, Luxx Noir London, and Oliver Herface.

“The last live show we Bandits attended before the pandemic was a local drag show in Nashville, and over the past year, we have been consistently moved, inspired and energized by the resilience of the drag community,” the band explains. “‘She’s The Queen’ is a celebration of the tenacity, adaptability and passion of drag performers from around the world who have kept us entertained and smiling through some of our darkest days.”

If you’re a performer interested in appearing in the video, you can find more info here! Submissions are due on May 21st and for each of the first 100 auditions, the band will donate $10 to the National Independent Venue Association’s #SaveOurStages campaign, which helps support independent drag venues and nightlife spaces that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re not a performer but want to support the cause, you can donate here!

You can connect with Bandits on the Run on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website.

(c)Kai Ravelson

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