Settle Your Scores Sign with Mutant League Records and Release Nostalgic “1999”

If Settle Your Scores aren’t already your favorite pop-punk act, they’re about to steal that title. And even if they don’t, they’ll earn points in your book for their creative ideas and relatability with their new track “1999,” a fun song filled with wishes to travel back in time. It’s the band’s first release since signing with Mutant League Records earlier this year, showing off their promising partnership.

The song’s music video alternates between mundane office scenes and energetic shots featuring nods to the nineties, including a Smash Mouth cassette, a Hey Arnold! poster, and big bowls of colorful Cap’n Crunch cereal.

Just last month, Alternative Press featured Settle Your Scores in a piece about modern punk bands that will take you back to the 2000s, making “1999” a perfectly-timed, fitting single to kick off their yet-to-be-announced third album. The band is made up of vocalist Christian Fisher, guitarist and backing vocalist Ricky Uhlenbrock, guitarist Patrick Bryant, bassist and backing vocalist Jeffrey Borer, and percussionist Caleb Smith.

You can stream “1999” on your favorite streaming services now and connect with Settle Your Scores on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their nostalgic official website!

(c) Alex Zarek

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