Londoner Oscar Lang effortlessly merges the fun synths and guitar licks of retro pop with modern themes and metaphors. His new track “Are You Happy?” asks a friend just that, with Lang insisting he can see behind their fake smiles.

“I wrote this tune about a mate that was having a really hard time,” Lang shares. “I wanted to let them know that I was there for them. I think it’s important to reach out to friends and family when they’re not doing great. It can be hard though, trying not to be too overbearing but I feel like this song is a great way of telling someone that you care about them.”

“Are You Happy?” is just the second single from Lang’s forthcoming debut album, Chew the Scenery, but he already has a world’s worth of musical experience. After releasing three EPs in 2020 alone, producing the Beabadobee track that found viral success with Powfu’s sample on “death bed (coffee for your head),” having his own song “Apple Juice” featured on FIFA 2020, and getting praise from the likes of NME and BBC Radio 1 personalities, the only way is up and it’s certain that’s the direction he’s going.

You can check out “Are You Happy?” on your favorite streaming services now and presave Chew the Scenery ahead of its July release! You can also connect with Oscar Lang on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

(c) Jordan Curtis Hughes

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