Elko Stands His Ground on Honest New Single “Selfish”

Elko embraces his individuality and casts off self-doubt on “Selfish,” the latest offering from his upcoming project, Painkiller Twilight. Inspired by conflict with his parents around the time he moved to Toronto to pursue music, the track explores unhealthy relationships over a light trap-inspired beat that lets the lyrics be the listener’s main focus.

“In the new year of 2020, I stopped talking to my dad,” Elko explained in an Instagram story. “He didn’t approve of the path I was choosing or how I did it, and on top of that was always pressuring me to attend religious ceremonies and kind of just tell me how to live my life. We had a huge argument that blew out of proportion and said some nasty things. This song is how I felt about what I was doing at the time.”

“Selfish” is the second single off Painkiller Twilight, due this summer, after April’s “Fall Apart.” The music video for “Fall Apart” is Elko’s second most-viewed video to date, already collecting nearly 90,000 views and over 2.4 thousand likes.

You can find “Selfish” on your favorite streaming services now, and connect with Elko on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter!

(c) Elko via Instagram.

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